EOS coin vulnerabilities

As no fatal bugs have been found, EOS might get the much awaited “Go” decision.

After the EOS launch, the team took another day of tests and internal discussions. After careful analysis, EOS New York has announced that it is expected that the block producer meeting could give the green light for the launch.

The announcement comes through a Twitter from EOS’s official account.

Everyone around the EOS community is hopeful and has set high expectations for the final procedure. The delay in the launch even though got a lot of media attention, does not seem to bother holders and supporters.

After the eventual “Go” vote, it may take some time for the wallet, voting mechanism, and the entire EOS ecosystem to run smoothly. There are over 30 distributed apps ready to launch in the EOS ecosystem in the near future, with real-world applications and enough speed to compete with established apps.

Dan Larimer, one of the project’s founders says that he sees no obstacles to launching. In the past days, the EOS code saw several bugs fixed by third parties as part of the bounty program.

Much criticism was drawn by EOS as recently many bugs were found in the system. EOS had to launch a bounty program for third-party help to fix the problem as soon as possible.

A major criticism thrown towards EOS is that BlockOne has not expressed any readiness it would set aside funds for supporting the EOS ecosystem.

The ICO haul, estimated at $4 billion in Ethereum, would need to be sold or exchanged in some way to be usable. However, some believe the funds may be used to support distributed apps launching on EOS ecosystem. What do you guys think this will do in the EOS vs ETH ongoing battle for the top blockchain operating system race.

Owning to the rally in Asian markets, EOS has seen a price increase. The value was up day-on-day by 3% and trades at $14.54. The requirement of EOS to be held until its blockchain is created has managed to slow down the bearish run expected due to the discoveries of vulnerabilities in the network.

This is because BitMEX added EOS futures trading. Here are a few more EOS block producer (BP) articles to read about for further updates and understanding.

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