EOS Rio Wallet

Is EOS Rio Wallet The Best Wallet for Mainnet?

EOS Mainnet launched on June 9 2018 and EOS holders have been searching for alternative ways and platforms where to store their funds. When the mainnet was launched, EOS coins were moved to the new network through a token swap, meaning that EOS coins cannot be stored anymore in old wallets.

The reason for this change is that EOS was supported by Ethereum, and the wallets were created for ERC-20 tokens. However, there has not been enough time for developers to create good and easy-to-use solutions.

The SimplEOS wallet has been created by the EOS Rio team and is one of the most complete, secure and comprehensive wallets for EOS. If users want to easily store and transact funds, the SimplEOS wallet provides all the necessary solutions.

Clearly, the Ethereum network was not going to offer permanent solutions for the EOS project. EOS’ goal was to create a its own network with a platform for Smart Contracts and decentralized applications. But there are several investors that forgot about their funds until they heard about the mainnet launch.

Investors using the popular Exodus wallet realized that the wallet did not support withdrawals to the Mainnet. Exodus froze all their users’ EOS coins in order to enhance security.

The EOS Rio team, one of the several block producers in the network, decided to provide a solution for users to store their coins. This is why they decided to create the SimplEOS Wallet. The Wallet works in a very simple way and can be run on the most important operating systems.

The wallet allows EOS tokens to be sent or received from any account on the network, it includes an address book that makes it easy and fast to send funds to people, it supports multiple accounts and protects users’ information.

Moreover, the EOS Rio Wallet will be supporting Airdrops, it will allow users to take part in the Block Producer elections, and stake or unstake tokens.

The EOS project had a controversial mainnet migration. The EOS Rio SimplEOS Wallet has been developed to make it easier for users to hold, send and receive EOS tokens on the new blockchain.

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