SVK Crypto Founders Invested $50 Million for Further EOS Development, Start Virtual Capital Initiative with SVK Crypto

According to some reports, on Friday June the 1st, the founders of the EOS platform known as decided to collaborate with SVK Crypto investing $50 million dollars. SVK Crypto is a leading blockchain investment firm that is based in London.

The main intention is to speed up the growth and development of the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem.

The two leads of the fund management team from SVK Crypto have more than 25 years of experience in making investments in early-stage technological start-ups and firms.

Hugh Cochrane and Shane Kehoe are in charge of the management of the fund at SVK Crypto. The funds will be used so as to develop dApps created on the EOSIO blockchain.

There are many different use cases for these dApps from data ownership to supply chains. was able to create one of the world’s most important infrastructures for dApps and it is a market leader in the industry. Additionally, They will be producing innovative game-changing dApps for the community and interested individuals.

The EOS VC Project of will be also gaining support from all over the world. Some of the interested investors are Tomorrow Blockchain Opportunities, Tomorrow Ventures and many others.

Brian Mehler, Virtual Capital of of EOS VC, commented:

“We aspire for our funds to be global leaders in blockchain venture investing. The teams at SVK Crypto and bring together broad leadership in the VC and funds space with blockchain expertise and exceptional go-to-market drive. This fund gives blockchain entrepreneurs and innovators reason to be excited about developing on EOSIO.”

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