EOSIO Dawn 4.1 Released, Core Token Name Changed From EOS to SYS

There’s a major stir in the crypto community lately, which is a result of the EOS Dawn 4.1 release. This release is to notify consumers that there’s a small code update, but that change has made the core name of the token switch from EOS to SYS, which is apparently very poorly received.

In this release, the project was working to eliminate the bugs in their software, while making the infrastructure stronger. There were a few different changes that helped with transaction spamming and propagation problems. Unfortunately, the core name being changed seems to be misunderstood. The only note that the company made is that the symbol switched, but it happens to be the token of another company already – Syscoin. The similarities are confusing, since there are some consumers that wonder about a partnership while others worry that the project is obsolete.

Name Change Will Not Affect Anything

Even though it caused quite a scare, the project was quick to reassure consumers that the name change won’t impact the current users at all. Roshan Abraham, from OS block production candidate EOS Authority, released the following statement: “This change won’t affect the public. Block One can’t be seen as launching the chain. So, us block producers like EOS Authority will have to launch the chain and use EOS as token. Block producers will install (the) code and change line 184 from SYS to EOS. SYS is just a default for system. That’s all.”

Even with the negative attention, the momentum behind the EOS hasn’t seemed to slow much. There was a brief drop in the value down to $12.32, but EOS has since boosted their value back above $13 with the release of the statement.

EOS is still the fifth highest crypto on the leaderboard, with a market cap that exceeds $11 billion. The new mainnet will launch in just a few weeks, which is perfect timing with their potential for an even stronger stance to hold their ground.

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