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Just four months since the release of EOSIO Dawn 2.0, Block.one has announced the release of their first feature-complete pre-release of EOSIO Dawn 3.0.

With a philosophy to decentralize everything, block.one designs free market systems to secure life, liberty, and property by publishing open source software that is free for everyone to use. Building decentralized applications is extremely difficult and there are very few people that have the required proficiencies to do it all by themselves. The idea od EOS.IO is that if you are able to build a basic website, you should be able to build a decentralized business.

What Is EOSIO?

EOS.IO is an operating system in which scalable Decentralized Autonomous Communities(DACs) can easily be built, launched, and governed. It is made possible through asynchronous smart contract communication. It is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, allowing developers to efficiently create high performance distributed applications.

EOSIO Dawn 3.0 is a developer release designed to be feature complete with stable APIs. They believe that the platform is now stable enough for serious application developers to start building their applications. The platform has already become more powerful and easy to develop than previously thought of.

Building the state of the art blockchain is an ever-evolving process and Block.one’s worldwide team of developers have been working round the clock to make EOSIO one of the most powerful platform for building blockchain applications. Their diligence to work is evident from the fact that their repository has been one of the topmost active C++ repositories in all of GitHub for the past month. They are all set for the release for a high-quality public release of EOSIO 1.0 in June 2018.

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