EOZ Review

EOZ describes itself as a “well thought lending platform powered by artificial neural network.” Find out what that means today in our review.

What is EOZ?

EOZ, found online at EOZ.com, is some type of cryptocurrency investment scheme that promises to pay you guaranteed profits.

Seriously – by investing in EOZ today, the company claims “your profit is guaranteed.” All you need to do is deposit a bunch of money into the platform, then begin earning money immediately. In fact, the company will pay you 3% returns and higher just for locking your money with them for a few months.

The platform consists of a lending platform and a cryptocurrency. The platform appears to be catered to users around the world.

Obviously, when a company starts mentioning words like “lending platform”, “financial freedom”, and “guaranteed profit” in their whitepaper, it’s a red flag you’re dealing with a scam. Based on everything we can see online, EOZ appears to be a blatant scam. However, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does EOZ Work?

EOZ doesn’t go into much detail about how it plans to guarantee profit for all users involved in the system. The company does, however, have a 25 page whitepaper that explains some basic features of the platform. Although much of that whitepaper is vague, some of the core functions of EOZ include:

  • It’s a highly secure, decentralized platform built on a cryptocurrency trading bot
  • An artificial neural network (“deep learning”) system provides trading signals to the EOZ bot
  • It’s a “true decentralized global lending marketplace”

Overall, it’s a decentralized lending platform built on the blockchain. That platform promises to reduce barriers to cryptocurrency investing, increase market liquidity, and provide “financial freedom for the global 99%.” Yes, EOZ seriously promises to make 99% of the world “rich”.

What Problems Does EOZ Seek to Solve?

The EOZ whitepaper mentions all of the following problems:

  • Support and funding issues
  • High fees
  • Low revenues
  • “Data hostage situations”
  • “Customer confusion over investment funds”
  • “Lack of financial options”

EOZ Investment Packages

EOZ is telling investors to deposit money into the platform to earn extraordinary daily profits. Typically, this means we’re dealing with a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme – not a legitimate or legal investment opportunity. Daily returns of 3% per day just don’t exist in any legitimate business investment.

Nevertheless, here are the investment packages advertised in the EOZ whitepaper:

  • $100 to $499: Guaranteed daily profit of 3%, money locked for 160 days
  • $500 to $4999: Guaranteed daily profit of 3.10%, money locked for 150 days
  • $5000 to $24,999: Guaranteed daily profit of 3.15%, money locked for 120 days
  • $25,000 to $99,999: Guaranteed daily profit of 3.25%, money locked for 70 days
  • $100,000: Guaranteed daily profit of 3.35%, money locked for 50 days

Like all good pyramid schemes, EOZ also provides heavy incentives for you to tell your friends about the platform. You’ll gain 5 levels of referral commission, ranging from 15% at the highest level to 1% at the lowest level.


EOZ is launching an ICO from February 18 to March 19. The company is selling tokens at a price of $0.85 during the pre-ICO, rising to $3.35 (!) by the end of the ICO.

EOZ has not revealed any platform, services, or products to the community prior to the ICO. The lending program is scheduled to launch in late March, although we can’t find any proof that EOZ even has a legitimate lending platform.

Who’s Behind EOZ?

EOZ provides no information about its team, its location, or its background and experience. The company provides an email address you can use to contact the team ([email protected]). Aside from that, however, there’s no transparency regarding any aspect of the company.

Typically, the people who run lending schemes keep their identities anonymous to avoid future regulations. We’ve seen this with anonymous scams like Bitconnect, Davor Coin, Regal Coin, and others. All of these scams refuse to disclose any personal information about the team.

EOZ Conclusion

EOZ seems like an obvious scam. The company has no available products or services. They “guarantee” profits to every investor. They advertise guaranteed returns of 3% per day and higher. They refuse to disclose any team information or proof.

Ultimately, if you had a list of red flags for “online cryptocurrency scam”, EOZ would check almost every box. Unless you feel like donating your money to yet another lending scheme, EOZ is one ICO you should probably avoid.


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