Epay Digital Wallet Now Supporting Cryptocurrency EOS

Epay is well-known as an online payment platform for consumers, but they recently decided to make an addition to their program to make the system much more seamless – EOS. EOS will be the primary source of deposits and withdrawals from Epay, though they can also be sold or purchased on the system as well.

Before EOS came into the picture, consumers had the opportunity to use other cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ether, and USDT. EOS is now the fourth coin to be accepted with the platform, and is ranked fifth in market cap. The reputation of EOS precedes it, making it one of the most profitable and prominent cryptos since it was started. For every US dollar, it is exchanged at $13-$14, and only has a cap at $12 billion.

Along with its purpose as a cryptocurrency, it also is run on a blockchain. It is privately owned, but still possesses and uses a decentralized system to help with the app. It also lets consumers promote decentralized storage, app hosting, and smart contracts.

EOS was developed by Block.one, who plans to release it as open-source software. As an open source, both developers and users can work with it under the condition that they always possess EOS tokens. The main way that EOS differentiates from competing platforms is that the developers want to work through the problems that currently restrict blockchain technology. The biggest focus is to promote scalability, using inter blockchain communications and better speed.

Anyone that joints Epay will help to further the development of EOS in some way, since it provides payment gateways and an e-system that is completely user friendly. Any participants will get the benefit of instant transfers, electronic payment submission, and e-currency transfers.

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