Epazz Blockchain

Epazz embraces a specialty in building blockchain mobile applications and cloud business process software for crypto-related companies. It has more than five hundred recurrent customers. The new mobile application for bitcoin is a financial technology company, which produces special bitcoin payment software to give consumers an opportunity to earn bitcoin during a sale. This give the ability to consumer to purchases with cryptocurrency at a store easily.

Epazz technology makes easy the process of converting legacy systems to cloud business process software.

After conversion, the company uses the software to charge subscription fees annually.

Eleven software companies use the technology of Epazz to convert cloud software from legacy software products. Epazz is therefore able to market to new and current customers the new cloud-based solutions. The main aim of Epazz is to satisfy the information needs for enterprises through the enhancement of communications among key consumers and stakeholders, cost reduction, and the creation of revenue.

Epazz Applications

Epazz has applications in different fields such as:

  • Finance and banking: Epazz enhances communication with investors.
  • Legal services: Epazz intranet software enables sharing of private client details and information about cases.
  • Higher education: Epazz enables institutions to share information securely online between students and administrators.
  • The public sector

Epazz BoxesOS is a software designed for companies and institutions of higher education. BoxesOS maximizes communication for main stakeholders by the provision of a secure, one-stop access integration to administrative operating system. The software enables institutions to start by implementing information dashboard that has a website for every group of stakeholders. Functionality with administrative systems is use as a connector to the legacy administrative platform. Administrative operating systems that need an upgrade are done to enable them to easily be connected to BoxesOS and its personal information system.

BoxLMS E-learning management

BoxLMS is a cloud base learning management system that provides innovative and an easily understood solution for companies to manage their e-learning processes in a secure and efficient way. Institutions can use BoxLMS created by Epazz to manage documents, scoring and grading assessment, and testing as well as management of community forums for engagement of students.

About Zenapay

Zenapay is a bitcoin payment solution built by Epazz, whose token name is EPAZ.

Zenapay offers a forefront payment solution, which gives users an opportunity to purchase a variety of products online by use of bitcoin. Zenapay presents a payment solution that is unique, reliable, and secure hence enabling consumers to get Bitcoin at the point-of-sale. The currency can then be used by the consumer at the store to make purchases. Zenapay payment solutions are uniquely designed to meet business demand in an institution. It is mostly ideal for customer sales and seed-to-sale tracking.

Benefits of Epazz

  • Competitive advantage

Companies that use bitcoin have many advantages than other companies do, since the transactions are fast and secure.

  • Reliability and security

Epazz is a reliable and secure platform where users can easily make purchases and payments in the system.

  • Anonymity

The customer is not required to share personal details about themselves if they don't want to.

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