Ephelants360 is a modern content production, machine learning, investing, and hybrid distributed ledger providing an ecosystem for results-driven TV and film production propelled by fairness, transparency, and artificial intelligence.

How Ephelants360 Works

Ephelants360 is an all in one solution aimed at introducing much—needed changes to the current TV and film production systems. By introducing these changes, the developers hope that they will be able to streamline the content creation process. This should in return make it more efficient, and cost-effective.

Streamlining this process is bound to have a big impact on the industry as it will become easier to realize projects. The projects will also become more profitable, making it possible for all the people participating in this ecosystem to maximize its complete value.

Once the ecosystem has been tokenized, it will pave way for the introduction of innovative, and new monetized reward models that can be used to incentivize the users of this particular platform. The models will also make it possible for participants seed production projects, and accept contributions for use in developing TV shows and films.

Ephelants360 Blockchain Film & TV Software Production Benefits

The e360 solution is an innovative, modernized online incubator for use in content creation, film production and distribution, and for making investments. This platform is supported by a distributed system relying on machine learning and the distributed ledger technology.

Efficiency And Productivity

You no longer have to worry about endless meetings. With this platform, you get to produce all your content via the dApp. The content creation and development process is hastened, which means that there will be more jobs for you to work on.

Data Transparency

When you combine transparency, smart contracts, risk balancing, and no limits, the end result is confident investments. What else would you want as a content creator or investor?

Algorithmic Selection

The algorithm on this platform makes it possible for you to reduce human error with the use of artificial intelligence. You also get to do away with all the unwanted, and unnecessary gatekeepers. When you combine these two factors, the result is that you get to go home with quality, and unique content.

Ephelants360 XEP Token & ICO Details

XEP will be the utility token being used on the Ephelants platform. It is estimated that its value will continue to rise as the demand and popularity of this platform continue to increase. Token holders will use these tokens to pay for their monthly subscription to the platform.

The tokens will also be used when making contributions to TV and film projects, payment for tasks and jobs, up-voting content, and in competitions, as well as rewards. The demand for the XEP token will be amplified when more content starts being produced, which will also lead to more profits being posted.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Tokens available for sale: 6,000,000,000 XEP (60%)
  • Soft Cap: 720,000,000 XEP
  • Token sale dates: Premium* Jun 28 – Jul 25
  • Pre* Jul 26 – Sep 5
  • Main* Sep 6 – Oct 17
  • Token Exchange Rates: 1 XEP = $0.01
  • 1 BTC = 594,820 XEP
  • 1 STRAT = 225 XEP
  • 1 ETH = 44,825 XEP

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