EpigenCare EPIC ICO

EpigenCare has been envisioned to be the first biotech company in the world to offer personalized skincare. It combines the blockchain and epigenetics. The developers of this project have been able to develop a personal epigenomics test.

This test will be used to measure DNA methylation levels, which are genes responsible for the key functions of the skin. The at-home kit collects DNA in a non-invasive from the skin, which reflects skin quality changes after interaction with the environment.

How The EpigenCare Project Will Work

EpigenCare will be able to offer customers personalized skincare by conducting an epigenetic analysis of DNA samples from consumers. Via this analysis, they will be able to identify the unique skin properties of each customer. With the help of the blockchain, it will help to ensure that all results from each customer are kept anonymous.

Additionally, it will help to ensure transparency in how their data is utilized. As a result, it will allow the company to gather data, which can be commercially utilized by skin care companies in a personalized and intelligent manner.

The Current State Of The Industry

The current skin care sector offers a wide range of products, which are often confusing for most people. Despite the claims made that these products have a scientific methodology to their development, consumers who use them use a non-scientific method to select them.

The result is that a consumer may end up being damaged by some of these products. It is what has led some consumers to pay a premium for personalized products.

The Solutions

The developers of this project aim to change the beauty industry from one where products are pushed on to consumers to one where consumers pick the products they desire. To achieve this goal, they will offer personalized skin care tests to consumers, which will test for the epigenetic profile of their skin. The results will be used to recommend specific products for the consumer.

This recommendation will be based on the epigenetic profile, which influences various skin features. Additionally, the developers will commoditize the data they accumulate from the tests to build a supply and demand model.

This model will be worked into a platform where manufacturers and retailers can purchase data points. It will encourage companies to come up with niche products and advertise to various segments of society via scientific models.

To ensure that the data is secure and anonymous, they will utilize the blockchain. They will also utilize the blockchain to ensure there is an incentive to conduct recurring tests. Because of their scientific tests, the developers of epigenetics expect to become a notable player in a market that is projected to be worth over $180 billion by 2023.

EpigenCare EPIC ICO Details

There will be an ICO held in late Q1 2018. This will be used to diffuse access to the tokens, named the EPIC tokens. The tokens will be purchased using ETH and will be transferred to buyers about six weeks after the ICO. For you to take part in the ICO, you will have to undergo a KYC check and an AML check as well. There will be a fixed supply of 100 million epic tokens.

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