Epiphany is a platform in which services like quant trading, investments, news feed and brokerage will be provided. In doing so, the goal is to ensure that users have an easier trading experience. What makes Epiphany interesting is the fact that users are said to be provided with trading strategies, charts and other technical analyses to prevent them from having to spend too much time on research.

What Is Epiphany?

Epiphany claims to find solutions for the following issues:


The inability to trace back activities by all members involved is common in centralized system and is addressed in the Epiphany project.


Trading platforms for cryptocurrency normally have a ledger of all possible transactions in multiple exchanges. Therefore, with Epiphany, users will be required to open a wallet to store their assets. Furthermore, they encourage the use of private keys, to avoid hacking or Internet fraud at once.

Non-Compliance With Regulatory Policies

This is something Epiphany is against, as it can result in liquidity problems. Furthermore, not following set rules can have serious consequences for any platform. Hence, extra efforts will also be placed to ensure that anyone who is part of the Epiphany ecosystem has been licensed.

The Epiphany Blockchain Trading Exchange Market Solution

In order to solve the issues above, Epiphany is said to be built on a platform that is decentralized. In addition, incorporating Smart Contracts is believed to eliminate transparency problems. Next, the use of the Risk Control System is worth mentioning here, as risk control is said to be performed and assessed on every stage of a trade (buys, sells, or transfers). This places great emphasis on the security of one’s holdings.

Other factors that contribute towards the overall success of Epiphany include their experienced team, an AI system that claims to catch loopholes in which digital asset projects can be created and its own token. The token that will used as a medium of exchange in the Epiphany ecosystem is called the EPN token. The Initial Coin Offering is will commence June 8th, 2018.

Epiphany EPN Token Details

Epiphany has high anticipations for its API system, which has been praised by for its increased reliability. Qualified investors have the opportunity to convert their digital assets into fiat currency that reflects real-time prices. Their EPN token is believed to increase the speed of transaction while minimizing the associated fees.

Epiphany Final Thoughts

As for the cons with Epiphany, three things can be considered. First, it is a project that is backed by NEO. The global reach is problematic, as it only focuses on the Asian market. Second, due to governmental regulations, any conversions made will only be done in USD, but this is supposedly a temporary concern, with room for further expansion.

Lastly, the issues that Epiphany is trying to solve is very common, which might not seem unique, but if their approaches are effectively enough, Epiphany has potential to succeed. For more information, check out the white paper at: epnex.io

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