Epocum EPM ICO Review

Discovered and adopted for the first time by Bitcoin, blockchain technology is a both a distributed and decentralized ledger used to record peer to peer transactions. Anybody can use it from the Internet to and become a node of the distributed network. Currently, blockchain is not only limited to Bitcoin but is also used in many digital where you need a relation between a group of people.

The technology warrants safe and secure exchanges. Each transmission is scrutinized by a network of nodes that check its fairness maintains anonymity. It is, therefore, no wonder that it is currently being implemented for many commercial services. Epocum is one of the organizations that has adopted and is making use of the blockchain technology.

What is Epocum EPM?

Epocum is a decentralized application built on Ethereum – a digital currency that was launched after the Bitcoin. The company uses blockchain technology but has improved smart contract technology. Typically, a smart contract is a software protocol that integrates cryptography features to facilitate, test, enforce and execute a digital contract.

For the first time, people can now monetize their web services without ads, marketing affiliation programs or third party providers with Epocum. Epocum has cited challenges with traditional web advertising and proposes a new era of advertising through smart contracts. According to Epocum, conventional advertising is done through third party companies and is increasingly becoming more pervasive, intrusive and obnoxious. Users on the web get interrupted by pop-ups, creepy marketing Ads – they can hardly read through an article.

How Epocum Works?

Epocum EPM presents the next generation web advertising by introducing Smart Sharing Contracts that run on the block chain. Smart sharing contracts combine the transparency of the smart contract technology with the social networks power to derive the top advertising services without the need for third-party regulators. Epocum believes that there is a direct proportionality between a web service connectivity versus its monetary value. If connectivity upsurges so does economic value

Its infrastructure has been designed to allow anyone invest in their web service and make it profitable using external blockchain connectivity

Using Epocum for Your Site

To start using the Epocum platform, you need to become a network node. Start by downloading Dapp application from their website. Once done, install then create your account and activate it. Start adding websites using the add feature, or create smart sharing contracts. After connecting your site, you can view your web analytics linked to your account.

Users can then start earning from web service connectivity or through sharing of the connectivity generated by their posts. Without the need to advertise or use banners. For web owners, smart sharing contracts abolish website staticity.

Epocum platform users start driving connectivity to your web services. Their services allow you implement simple advertising tools and get rid of expensive intermediaries. Web marketing influencers no longer need intermediaries for advertising deals. They can earn by promoting others people web services or by simply promoting daily published articles and blog posts.

Epocum provides users with the option to manage their earned income through a digital wallet. They can, therefore, view your transaction history and current balance in ETH and tokens.

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