Epsilon is a platform focused on solving any problem caused by the blockchain technology. It is the key to find anything you need in the block chain market. It encourages investors to join in and they earn from profits and bonuses.

How Epsilon Works

The major purpose of Epsilon site is to locate any required executor by a customer within the quickest time possible. By doing so, it receives a certain reward for it. Anything you would like to find or solve in the blockchain market. Epsilon site does it for you accurately, collectively, safely and as quickly as possible. This includes all products and services and any internet search.

Epsilon has staffed people that have solved various blockchain problems. Now they are experts in solving similar problems facing other people. Once they execute the problem, they are rewarded with payment.

Epsilon ICO details

Epsilon has tokens referred to as an estimated unit of the Epsilon platform or EPS.  The investors’ earnings will be based on the results of each financial quarter. Every 30% of the profit the platform makes is occasionally directed to EPS redemption of the market conditions. This allows the EPS token to increase in value relatively to the placement price. 60,000,000 tokens are issued, each going for 0.00035 ETH. In case there are any unsold tokens during the ICO they will be destroyed.

Epsilon ICO Structure

Seventy percent of the EPS token is distributed to the ICO participants. Fifteen percent is given to the Epsilon team and consultants. Thirteen percent of EPS token is set aside for business development. The remaining two percent is used for awarding bonuses and prizes. However, tokens will be blocked for a period of twelve months due to the smart contract of Ethereum.

The funds collected are disturbed as follows:

  • Seventy percent o for the development and the security of the Epsilon platform.
  • Fifteen percent is used for marketing.
  • Ten percent for legal and operational services
  • Five percent for any other contingent expenses

Epsilon Main Advantages

  • There is secure transaction through the use of ETH that ensures safe investments.
  • Epsilon contains competent executors who have wide experience in the blockchain
  • At Epsilon there is a solution and an answer to any question regarding the blockchain
  • Provision of a perfect, more direct and detailed answer to any blockchain related that can’t be compared to the normal internet search.
  • The low commission is required for investors since a single Epsilon token goes for 0.00035 ETH.
  • Consulting Epsilon saves time since its quick at delivering answers and solving problems

Epsilon Roadmap

Epsilon started through concept development that was in December 2016. In august 2017 it developed a smart contract development. This was followed by a pre-ICO that started in 12th November 2017. Epsilon platform is currently being developed with the ICO taking place from December 2017. The Epsilon platform will be tested in March 2018. Later in may 2018, the platform will be officially launched.

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