The inspiration for the Equaliser project came from the global challenge of lack of affordable homes. The developers of the project hope that they will help numerous families globally to achieve financial freedom. This will be possible by eliminating the debt, which most families incur in the form of rent or mortgages.

The average family works for three main needs: food, clothes, and shelter. The food and clothing are quite easy to obtain as long as a family has covered the third component. This is where the Equaliser will play an important role.

To achieve its goal, the Equaliser project will ensure the creation of homes, which are affordable and structurally sound. This will allow families to purchase houses outright via the market using the Equaliser token. Compared to the current market situation, those homes will be quite affordable. They will also be constructed using modern innovative technology.

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The Background to This Project

Last year was the year of crypto. There were many projects being created with accompanying ICOs. However, about 80 percent of these projects were duds. These left investors without their money and without any results. Out of this gold rush, there has emerged the Equaliser team. They hope to revolutionize the housing sector globally.

The team behind Equaliser has a simple vision of offering affordable housing globally start with the city of Puerto Rico. With the help of affordable construction methods, the team will create structurally sound homes while keeping costs low. The idea of this project is to disrupt the mortgage industry on a grand scale. Some may think that it will hurt the housing sector. However, it will help to open up the industry to a huge group of underserved people.

For those that can afford it, the team will have luxury homes for them. For those who have no means of income, the team will take a portion of the funds and use them to help them. This will give people, even those that earn the lowest income, a chance to afford the other necessities of life. Through this project, the poor will be able to save money for their future needs.

Why Bother with Such a Project?

Right now, Puerto Rico is the new tax haven for those in the US. This is due to the amazing tax breaks that were given to Puerto Rico. Everyone deserves to have a place and with crypto, nothing is certain. There is no doubt that the team is serious about this project. Watching them progress to their goals will be even more exciting than the crypto gold rush of 2017. It could be the project that helps usher crypto into the real estate market.

Equaliser ICO Details

  • Coin Symbol: EQL
  • Date: May 31 – June 30, 2018
  • Coins being sold: 350,000,000 EQL
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 EQL
  • Initial Price: 1 EQL = $0.50c
  • Currencies Accepted: KMD, BTC, BCH, ZEC
  • Hard CAP: $ 30 Million (USD)

Bonus Structure

  • Week 1 – 500%
  • Week 2- 200%
  • Week 3 – 50%
  • Week 4 – None

The bonus is only offered to those that make purchases in Komodo (KMD).

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