EQUI ICO (EQUI Token) Review:

What Is EQUI?

EQUI is a blockchain powered ecosystem that links conventional venture capital, luxury asset markets, and real estate with investors and proponents of crypto currencies. EQUI largely looks to be the bridge that provides the cryptocurrency community an access point to these markets that have been stable and have provided good returns to professional investors for a long time.

Investors who hold the EQUI token will be in a position of using it for investing in small, early stage emerging companies which will be rightly identified by the EQUI team of investors. For the first time, this venture will open the potentially highly lucrative venture capital market to small investors.

The EQUI Technology

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, EQUI will utilize smart contracts to stock up all information on each project showcased on the EQUI investment platform. These include capitalizations, maturity dates, as well as project dates. On the basis of intelligibility and security, participant investments, distributions, transactions as well as rewards will be stocked up on the blockchain.

The EQUI Proposition

According to the core investment team, their intention is to upset the existing venture capital market through the creation of a platform which allows small investors to play a part. The highly experienced team of investment experts and experienced entrepreneurs will source investment opportunities and invest in them using fiat currencies offering business knowledge and support.

EQUI will focus on projects that provide advances in technology that concentrate on large markets and have prospects of growing to become marketplace leaders. EQUI token holders will then invest in these projects using EQUI tokens, thus benefitting by getting shares produced by these projects, with the team investing only in projects that raise enough assurance from holders.

How EQUI Blockchain Investment Capital Platform Works

  • The investment team will display investment opportunities which will include promising companies with high prospects of growth on the platform.
  • By making use of EQUI tokens, the holders will be granted opportunities to invest in these ventures.
  • Once EQUI investment targets are met, the investment team will offer venture capital funding and mentoring to the identified project.
  • 70% of the generated revenue from the projects will be disseminated pro-rata to investors.
  • EQUI holders who decide not to invest will get yearly reward of 5% of their total EQUI holding.

EQUI Platform Benefits

  • The EQUI Platform is safe and secure, with security being its key priority.
  • Broad range of investment opportunities including tech startups, classic assets, real estate and much more.
  • Reward system where EQUI token holders will receive first access to new investment opportunities, investor education, and discount to portfolio companies’ offerings.
  • Smart contracts will also be used to handle the investment process and project information to ensure transparency, security and integrity between investors and projects.


  • EQUI will offer its token sale with the total supply of the tokens being capped at 250, 000,000.
  • The public pre-sale is scheduled between May 15th, 2018 and May 31st, 2018
  • The token sale to be carried between June 1st and June 30th, 2018.
  • The token usage will be based on access, rewards and accreditation.

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