Eristica ERT ICO Review:

Crypto based technology platforms have pretty much seeped into every conceivable domain of the human experience these days. In that sense, Eristica can be thought of as a P2P-platform whose economic engine is driven via the use of user participation ( primarily for online challenges and competitions). From a historical perspective, we can see that the project was launched a couple of years back, but since has gained a massive following of over a million participants.

Through the use of this platform, participants have the power to:

  • Initiate as well as accept certain challenges that have been offered to them virtually.
  • Demonstrate the completion of a given task via the use of video based evidence to gain high ratings as well as stars.
  • Make viral content that can then generate millions of views via YouTube.

More About Eristica ERT ICO

Eristica is a ‘betting based crypto platform’ that makes use of ratings and rankings to create an ecosystem that encourages user participation. It provides all of its users with competitive incentives that have been designed to “make players fight for top places within the rating leaderboard”. Also, with the help of blockchain, Eristica aims to subvert common issues that are faced by the betting industry for both online and offline environments.

Other Key Aspects of the Eristica ERT ICO System Include:

(i) Tokenization:

One of the core aspects of this platform is its use of a native economic engine that rewards users with virtual currency for various tasks.

(ii) Synergistic Interactions:

One of the core visions of Eristica is to create a platform where a host of different people (from diverse cultures) can come together and interact with each other. The target demographic for this product is primarily a young one, and thus to promote its use amongst such users, there are many interaction based incentives and rewards that are given to them.

(iii) Community:

Many of us might not know, but today there exists a serious technology domain called FunTech that draws in substantial revenue on a daily basis. To further elaborate on this point, we can see that Youtube possesses a core strength of over 1.5 billion users who on an average spend 40 minutes a day on the website.

Thus to cash in on this segment, Eristica is designed to integrate blockchain with viral content so as to help users earn money in a easy and straightforward manner.

Whats on Offer?

(i) Digital Wallet:

Eristica offers all of its customers with a free wallet that can be used to procure “on-demand services” with the click of a button. In addition to this, the wallet will also allow users to freely send, receive and withdraw tokens in a completely seamless manner. It will make use of an API that has been designed by “3d party”, and is based upon principles of security, functionality, scalability.

(ii) Game API:

This platform will be making use of its personal Game API that is simple and easy-to-use. It features a software interface that has the ability to integrate Eristica services onto different digital platforms. Via the use of Eristica, gamers have the ability to win native tokens which can then be used to make in-game purchases.

In addition to this, the company's whitepaper also mentions that they will look at “creating an SDK for the most popular game development platforms, such as Unity3D Engine19 and Unreal Engine20”.

Eristica ERT ICO Token Details

As mentioned earlier, the company will make use of its own currency that will govern all transactions within the Eristica ecosystem. The token will be called ERT, and will be available for purchase via the use of various currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH.

In all, there will be a total of 687,575,392 ERT that will be created via the use of smart contracts. Their value has been set at 1 ERT = $0.02 USD. There is a hard cap of $10,000,000 that has been set in place, and after the conclusion of the sale period, all unused tokens will be burnt.

Token Allocation Scheme

  • 70% of the entire currency has been set aside for public utilization via the general crowdsale.
  • 10% of the tokens will be reserved for the core team.
  • Another 10% have been reserved for the creation of a “Challenge Foundation” that will foster the development of the Eristica ecosystem.
  • The remaining 10% of ERT have been preserved for use by early investors, project advisors and for the creation of a bounty program.

Eristica ERT Fund Distribution Scheme

  • 31% of all collected revenue has been set aside for further platform research and development.
  • 23% of all funds will be used for additional content creation.
  • 31% will be used to advocate and market this platform so as to increase its appeal and outreach.
  • The remaining 15% will be used to cover for miscellaneous costs such as legal fee, admin charges etc.

For any further details or queries, customers can write to company representatives on the email address that has been provided on the ‘contact us’ screen.

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