The use of blockchain technology spans several sectors. However, the idea of the adult entertainment industry and blockchain might seem far-fetched, it is already taking place. Rather than adult entertainment under the control of a few production firms, the content will now rely on the typical creators and curators who rely on blockchain technology. The user-generated content will result in the revenue generated is shared among the users of the blockchain adult platform.

What Is Erotix?

Such a project is ready underway with the Erotix site. The project promises to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry by rewarding content creators and users in the Erotix Network, with cryptocurrency. The network provides a video tube website for content uploading and viewing. Once an adult photo or video earn views, users earn the Erotix Tokens and Erotix Power. Moreover, the users can use the tokens to purchase premium rights or merchandise they feel like trading in for other cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Erotix ERX ICO Details

The Erotix Network will operate under the Erotix Token or ERX, with each standing at a $0.20 value. To purchase the tokens you would have to take part in the ICO, where 40 million tokens were made available to new investors. This is already underway having begun on 1st of February. A Pre-ICO is set to take part, and an additional 1 billion token will be on sale.

Although the token is the platform's fuel, there is also another currency known as Erotix Power. Each user that receives an Erotix Tokens on the network will also receive an equivalent amount of Erotix Power. The more Erotix Power you hold, the more viewing rights you receive, whereas content creators with more Erotix power will also feature more on searches. Each of these tokens works through Ethereum as smart contracts between the interested parties. Additionally, they will function as the reward mechanism for content creators and mode of payment for products and content.

How Erotix Adult Entertainment Industry Token Project Works

The Erotix platform is set to provide three applications for its users and content up loaders. These applications will include the Erotix Network, Erotix Games, and Erotix Store. The Erotix Network works as the main application and comprises a video tube website for uploading and viewing photos and videos. The Erotix Tokens and Erotix Power will be rewarded for both watching and uploading of content.

On the other hand, the Erotix Games platform will offer adult-themed games, and puzzles for the gaming enthusiasts. The games will also comprise of Casino games with the provably appropriate mechanism, and all losses will go into supporting the Erotix network. The Erotix store will offer exclusive adult content and merchandise through a marketplace sale store. Any Erotix store user will have the chance to sell their products through an escrow service that guarantees the safety of the transaction.

Erotix Conclusion

The current crop of adult entertainment networks relies more on the users’ content for revenues. In the end, the network are earning a lot of money for content that they don't own. Even if users receive earnings, it is usually a small percentage, and require you have to full verification. The Erotix platform is set to overcome these challenges with the use of blockchain. All-in-all, adult entertainment enthusiasts, are set to take control of their content with the optimal user experience.

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