Escobarcoin is a blockchain-based project that is built and under the regulation of smart contract technology based on Ethereum. The platform improves the healthcare community by providing solutions that are aimed at the improvement in quality of insurance, health records, pension, and rewards brought about by health in the whole world. Escobarcoin is the first cryptocurrency to use a decentralized review platform that allows patients to be rewarded for making contributions that benefit the entire community.

EscobarCoin Platform Objectives

The platform aims at generating a future healthcare industry that will give the people power hence leading to the end of industries that are monopolized and the rise of either short or long-term new industries. The platform will lead to the improvement of digital insurance, electronic health recording, pension, and patient's hygiene habits.

This will in turn lead to increased quality of life for each person and truthful patient information. Escobarcoin leads to the improvement of the entire health industry at the same time designing market intelligence by use of a cryptocurrency reward system. This encourages community participation.


Accepted Token

The Escobarcoin token known as ESCO token is a utility token used to enter into the community and as an exchange in order to access services of insurance, pension, and electronic health records. The development of the Escobarcoin is on ERC20-token on the Ethereum classification, which is the currency that is powering the smart contracts used in the platform.

Fifteen percent of the ESCO tokens under circulation will go to rewards pool for the community, which will be given to members for every activity, and contribution they make. There will be a sale of services integrated by Escobarcoin partners and clients of the company. The efforts made by Escobarcoin will facilitate real world usage of health services hence leading to people adopting the platform and its tokens early enough.

The users will be able to use the token for transactions on the platform once there is delivery to those participating in the sale. Escobarcoin platform believes in giving everyone an opportunity to equally participate in all its activities hence it does not offer presale or whitelist programs. There will be no fixed minimum contribution; this enables more people to get involved in the token discount.

Escobarcoin ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: ESCO
  • Token Sale Starts: May 20, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 30, 2018
  • Token Price: 9000 ESCO / ETH or 110000 ESCO/BTC
  • Total Supply: 250 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 1Million USD
  • Hard Cap: 10 Million USD

Benefits Of Escobarcoin

Electronic health record: Escobarcoin uses smart contracts to log patient provider relationships and their medical records and supply them with permissions for viewing as well as instructions to retrieve data for usage in an external database.

Pension engagement: The platform gives permission across the entire network for data to be shared freely, thereby increasing collaboration among users. This encourages pension development.

Secure digital health insurer: The platform gathers agreement records, any transactions done on the platform and any other information that is of value automatically. It then links the information together and use smart contract to act on the data and safely secure it.

Community reward: Escobarcoin offers collective rewarding programs that are used to encourage individuals to adopt behaviors that are healthy to manage themselves at the same time stick to the plans provided by health providers and medical organizations.

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