What Is ESCoin?

The Escoin or ESC is a new type of cryptocurrency that is generated via an encryption algorithm that utilizes smart contracts with the help of ERC 20 technology. It is utilized on the ESC system, which is a peer-to-peer transaction system that is based on an open source platform. ESC has been designed to function as a global payment network, which is both open source and decentralized. This means that it is not under the central control of anyone.

ESCoin Investment Opportunities

There are various investment opportunities possible with Escoin. Firstly, it is worth noting that the platform has already gone live and you can use it to transfer funds. However, it does not work in all countries around the world right now. Due to technological and legal limitations, the system can only work in the US, England, Canada, India, Thailand, and a few others. However, if the platform proves a success, it will roll out to the whole world.

ESCoin Lending Program

The platform also recently launched a lending program. In this program, you can lend from as little as $100 to $100,000. Once you lend funds to the ESC system, daily returns will depend on the bracket in which you fall. You can earn from just 0.1% of your capital to 0.3% of the capital you lend.

Besides that, they will give you your capital back after the stated period expires. However, most people will prefer to lets the program continue earning them money. Just like with any business investment, this program does come with some risk. Thus, if you are not sure about it, you should start small and then grow your investment if things turn out okay.

ESCoin Roadmap

Before the end of this year, the developers of the ESC system have various things they have planned to do. One of this is the launch of the mining pool. This will allow miners to gain access to the Escoins. When this starts to happen, the value of the coins is expected to continue rising. Besides that, it is expected that before 2018 is over, an exchange will be launched. This will allow people to trade crypto in real time on the platform.

By June this year, the developers intend to upgrade the system. These upgrades will be based on data gathered from the use of the platform. Thus, if there are any kinks in the system, fans of ESC can expect them to be resolved by then.

In January 2019, there are also intentions to launch the online payment system. Thus far, various attempts have been made but most of them never go far past the ICO stage. If this succeeds, it could forever change the financial world. With an efficient system that crypto users can utilize for payments, there will be no need to use the legacy financial system. The first blockchain project that does this successfully could change the future.

By May of 2019, the founders of this project have the ambitious plan of having the ESC token in the top ten by market capitalization.


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