Payment Solutions these days primarily consist of debit and credit options that charge us quite a hefty ‘processing fee’. While many market experts are predicting a growth in different fields like employment, sustainable economics and social development, they also have mentioned that the existing monetary framework that we are using to send/ receive money is inadequate.

For example, conventional bank transfers not only take a lot of time, but are also limited in their upper threshold value. Thus, there is a need for a new payment system that can allow for businesses to transfer money on a daily basis without any of the inconveniences that have been outlined above.

About Eshal Coin

Eshal developers have been in the field of ‘online monetary services’ for quite a while now. Ever since 2014, they have been dealing with various cryptocurrencies as well as other market ventures such as marketing, programming, logical, technical support. Eshal aims to help casual investors who are looking to slowly explore the cryptoworld by giving them a user friendly avenue to invest their money.

What Is Eshal Offering?

Eshal is an all new payment system that has been designed to facilitate “on-demand payment” in a highly secure and fast manner. It charges very little fee when compared to conventional payment sources, and does not feature any barrier in terms of how much money is being transferred. Other key aspects of Eshal include:

(i) Multiple Devices Supported: the Eshal wallet allows can be used with multiple devices, and is also supported across a wide variety of computational

(ii) Easy to use: owing to its highly “user-centric design strategy”, Eshal is able to customize consumer preferences so as to make payments much more easy and safe.

(iii) High Security: the platform is a fast, safe and convenient way to make monetary transactions all through the globe.across any channel the customer uses.

(iv) Specialised Design: the platform is especially handy for users looking to make travel bookings via the use of cryptocurrencies.

ICO Details

The first 4 phases of the ICO have concluded, and now the token is in its 5th phase of sale. During this period, users can buy one Eshal coin for a price of $1.5 USD. This sale will start on the 6th of December and last till the end of the month. In terms of the total number of coins, there will be 30,000,000 EHL created. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the sale.

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