What is Esonics?

Esonics (ESNX) is a cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer operating in Russia and China.

Primarily a successful producer of microelectronics and computer components for digital industry, Esonics is conducting an ICO to expand existing production, launch a new product line, enter western markets and support R&D.

The company was launched in 2016 and has only 7 products, while 24 new products are designed and ready for production. Despite its limited product line, and without any investment in advertising, Esonics' monthly sales has grown fivefold in the past year from $45k to $220k.

With this premise, Esonics is confident that it has a great potential to scale exponentially and become a world-renowned brand on the back of funding from its ICO. The goal is to tokenize production of hardware, use funds to expand to other microelectronics markets and come up with a working scenario how to bring blockchain in other real world economy projects.

The Esonics token(ESNX) is backed up with real-world assets and can grow fast in order to be attractive to the blockchain investors and works as a convenient tool for investment in the real economy through blockchain coins. The token is tied to Esonics' sales and production volumes, which will ensure its price growth due to the company scale. The token is also a tool of the Esonics loyalty program, granting the holder a 30% discount when purchasing hardware products from Esonics.

“Independently from the current ESNX token price on crypto market, it will be more profitable to exchange it for our products and services than buy these products and services by fiat money,” the CEO of Esonics project, Igor Matyukhin explains.

Currently, Esonics has 5 power supply units, a monitor emulator and a watchdog timer. Among a line of 24 new products ready to be moved into production are mining edition video cards, 8 to 12 GPU slots motherboards, power supply units, monitor emulators, watchdogs and mining farms. The main purpose of the ICO is to raise funds to scale their production, which will provide a base for Esonics token price growth, because the token is tied to product sales. This is also used as a mechanism to safeguard the currency from speculation and volatile price fluctuations frequently seen in crypto markets.

Esonics' goal is to issue a token that grows constantly, the demand for which increases both from those who use it to exchange tokens for the company's products, and from investors who ​​want ​​to ​​earn ​​on ​​the ​​growth ​​of ​​the ​​token​ ​rate.

To ensure a steady token price growth, the company would need to constantly expand production and grow its sales for a significant time.

Funds raised from the ICO will be used to launch new product lines, expand production volume, launch​​ new ​​products ​​development ​​designed​ ​for ​​the ​​mass ​​markets, improve existing sales system and build sales representation, launch a marketing campaign to promote the brand, create a logistics system to handle supply chain management, create a support system to provide help to end consumers and establish​ ​legal​​ presence​ ​in ​​regions ​​with ​​high​​ demand​.

The Team

  • Igor Matyukhin – CEO
  • Denis Soldatov – Technical advisor
  • Igor Berzukov – STO, CTO, R&D Director
  • Alexandr Shmagailo – Director of production and sales
  • Nikolay Navtalyan – Director of operations

ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Presale – November 6, 2017 to December 1, 2017
  • Crowdsale – February 19, 2018 to March 16, 2018
  • Hard cap – 200,000,000 ESNX
  • Price per token – 0.002 ETH

Esonics Verdict

Esonics is not a well-known brand in the western world but it is a company which has been steadily proving its mettle in the east for over a year. Despite having a dedicated team of engineers, lack of funding has been a barrier to expansion and growth. A successful ICO could be the shot in the arm which the company is looking for to take it to the next level.

A very solid niche project with quite a bit of potential.

ICO Rating 3/5

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