eSports Consortium

The integration of blockchain engineering in the rising Esports industry, requires powerful, lively

partnerships to engineer long-lasting, pioneering solutions which will benefit users throughout platforms. Five leading Esports projects which have successfully incorporated blockchain technology, came together to provide these solutions to gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

They formed the Esports Crypto Consortium to elevate Esports within crypto and provide users with a wider choice of platforms to enjoy the advantages of blockchain technology.

This new working group is comprised of projects at the very edge of technological progress and blockchain tech integration. Their unique accolades prove that they can succeed in raising the utility that consumers derive from their own platform. The members of this recently formed Esports Crypto Consortium will now be able to pool their knowledge and resources together to deploy an unprecedented degree of interoperability within their unique platforms.

These are the members who found this consortium to elevate Esports within crypto to another level:

  • EBoost
  • HEROcoin

Every Consortium Member Brings a Distinct Advantage to the Table

Every one of those projects specializes in another element of Esports; they all bring a strong set of advantages to the table. Whenever these jobs come together, the consumers are the greatest winner. A closer look at what all the consortium members brings to the table, shows just as much:

EBoost, a neighborhood leader in blockchain and Esports integration, also brought the first in-game applications token designed specifically for the Esports business. EBoost actively helps other members using their community building efforts. established the most comprehensive and biggest Esports hub in the world. Its platform is based on 3 pillars: education, amusement and data.

Fans is going to be the initial decentralized social sports gambling platform in the world, bringing more economical, more secure, verifiable and transparent betting.

HEROcoin has created a elite decentralized platform to boost competition, and deliver a great amount of innovation to traditional online gambling systems and game creation.

The mixture of all of these brilliant blockchain projects will elevate Esports into a whole new level within the crypto scene. It will also boost the value users derive from such platforms, allowing them to have more choice, effectively producing a more powerful Esports ecosystem.

Consortium partners already begun working to provide additional value to their customers. This consortium will take off, raising the profile of the Esports business within the crypto-community, while increasing the exposure players have to blockchain technologies, through platform interoperability.

ESports Consortium Summary

In short, the ESports Consortium could be seen as an exciting new development in the arena of both online gaming and the Blockchain. Whether this unique partnership between differing, yet related websites and platforms is worthwhile will depend on the belief and implementation of their combined userbase.

More details about the upcoming merger of these platforms can be read on the ESports Consortium website, as well as through various news outlets that specialize in covering the divergence between online gaming and cryptocurrencies.

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