ESR Wallet

ESR Wallet is a universal payment and credit service that supports popular cryptocurrencies. Find out how it works today in our ESR Wallet review.

What is ESR Wallet?

ESR Wallet, found online at, promises to help you take charge of your finances using a multi-currency wallet.

The company’s token pre-sale begins on September 25, 2017, during which investors can enjoy a 50% discount on the final price of tokens.

ESR Wallet has more ambitious goals than most other cryptocurrency wallets available today: the developers plan to create a universal wallet that provides a full range of banking services while also paying a 20% ROI for deposits in any cryptocurrency.

There’s already a working platform in place available to cryptocurrency users around the world. Users can also order a prepaid virtual or physical debit card to access their cryptocurrency funds in the “real world”.

The team behind ESR Wallet owns more than 300 ATMs across the United States. Cash withdrawals will be free for ESR Wallet users through ESR ATMs.

ESR Wallet Features

Obviously, there are plenty of wallets available today. ESR Wallet plans to differentiate itself from the competition through the following features:

  • Multi-currency support, including for fiat currencies like the USD and EUR as well as popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, and LTC
  • Instant currency conversions through an online bank or a mobile application at a preferred rate
  • Users can open deposits and issue credit in any cryptocurrency
  • Users can create a merchant service using ESR Wallet as the escrow agent, in which case the wallet acts as a trusted party in a transaction between a buyer and seller
  • A cashback system that involves partnering with other merchants across a network
  • Transferring cryptocurrency to investors with a transparent history of providing a positive ROI and good trading returns for investors
  • Send money in 8 currencies to 120+ countries worldwide with no fees
  • Spend your cryptocurrency using a VISA/MasterCard digital or physical card accepted wherever VISA/MasterCard are accepted

The ESR Wallet Token Sale

The developers of ESR Wallet are selling a token called the ESR token. There will be a limited supply of 10,000,000 tokens. After the ICO, all unsold tokens will be destroyed, and there will be no future generation of tokens.

As an ESR token holder, you’re entitled to receive profits from the company. At the end of each quarter, 30% of profit collected from the payment and credit service provided by the platform are transferred to token holder’s wallets. You’ll receive profit in BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, or LTC. Profits gained in USD or EUR will be converted at the ESR Wallet market price.

One ESR token is priced at $10 USD.

90% of the total supply of tokens is available through the token sale. 7% of tokens are reserved for founders, and 3% are reserved for bonuses (bonuses start at 25% on the first day, dropping to 5% by the fourth week; bonuses are also available for social media interactions, including 10% bonuses each for Facebook likes and Twitter followers).

Who’s Behind ESR Wallet?

ESR Wallet is led by CEO Sergey Slastikhin, the former co-owner of Paytoo, a popular online wallet in the United States. He’s also the owner of an investment firm called ES Reliable Investments.

Other key members of the team include Konstantin Beynars (Technical Analysis), the managing director of Florida’s largest ATM network (ESR ATMs).

The official name of the development team is ESR International Limited. The company has a mailing address in Gibraltar, along with offices in Moscow and Florida.

ESR Wallet Conclusion

ESR Wallet aims to be an all-in-one online wallet available across multiple fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. By December 2017, the development team hopes to launch its own currency exchanger, with more developments coming throughout 2018. Today, ESR Wallet already has basic wallet functionality in place, including a physical/digital card available for users to order.

The ESR Wallet token sale begins on September 25. To learn more about the company, or to participate in the token sale, visit ESR Wallet online today at


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