What Is EtainPower?

Typically, in the past, the energy industry has been run by a centralized operation and authorization basis. Etainpower is attempting to become a source for renewable energy, it comes from the use of conventional fossil fuel. The problem is, the source of fuel also causes damage to the ecosystem that cannot repaired.

In recent years however, the strongest international powers of the world are finally starting to see the irreversible effects that are being caused by expendable fossil fuel resources. Mining them causes problems like global warming and pollution, so much so that many of the world’s governments are looking for renewable energy projects.

How EtainPower Renewable Energy AI Trading Blockchain Works

Etainpower is creating a source for renewable energy for people all over the world. The result of the governments of the world having a desire to create new energy sources has caused the creation of Etainpower. They are seeking to improve renewable energy resources and help people make money while doing so. Because even though there have been a majority of improvements, there are still a lot of problems occurring.

The need for renewable resources vs. fossil fuels is exceptionally high these days. Most producers of renewable energy also want to decrease the price of the initial investment to help make it more realistic, plus at the same time help profits increase.

Investors who want to start with renewable energy will have a better chance with Etainpower, rather than with the government run subsidy energy projects. Etainpower makes it much easier to invest into renewable energy sources which is basically why they started in the first place.

EtainPower EPR Token ICO Details

The token name for the company is EPR. There is a total of 85% of the tokens available and you can follow the company on several different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Telegram. The price of tokens is 1 ETH = 100,000 EPR.

The company runs on their own personal blockchain, with a softcap of 5000000 and a hardcap of 30000000.To purchase the tokens, you can do so with ETH and BTC. For more information on the company, you can head to the website and download the whitepaper.

Who Is Behind EtainPower?

Prior to any of the new renewable energy projects being listed, EtainPower’s founders need more financing baked by due diligence. Etainpower ensures that their project will meet the investment criteria investors expect. There will be third parties involved as well to help ensure everything is conducted accordingly. One of the most important factors of everything working is that Etainpower is able to create relationships with the utility companies who are willing to cooperate in order to lower the cost of power.

EtainPower Conclusion

The mission behind Etainpower is to help create a renewable energy source that operated on a power grid run by AI or artificial intelligence. The company is run on a decentralized network and operates with total transparency, while at the same time following the zero-emission principles.

Etainpower also includes brand newly developed microgrid and distribution generation power projects. Along with that, they intend to create and build relationships with utility companies as well. Etainpower uses the Articial Intelligence, IoT, and blockchain technology incorporated with machine learning to improve the way renewable energy resources operate.

The results will be renewable energy sources that are more effective than ever before. This is due to better stability and intelligence within the system, which will optimize energy power generation, to help better manage the consumption of user’s energy levels as well as take other things like bad weather into consideration.

To learn more, head to, you can see everything you need about the company and what they are doing. The presale of their ICO has ended, the main date for Etainpower’s sales is still to be determined.

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