What Is EterBank?

Eterbank is an online retail platform that is ideal for payment solutions for the $25 Trillion Dollar World Market and is operated strictly on a cryptocurrency payment solution. The platform also has a whitepaper you can download on the company website. The whitepaper contains the technical data that explains how the system works in general, and it also has detailed information on the ICO as well. There is a token sale happening right now as well, and you can sign up to the company newsletter as well to get the latest updates on how the ICO is running and when it is going to start.

How EterBank Cryptocurrency Business Payments Works

There are several cryptocurrencies on the platform that can be used in conjunction with Eterbank to pay for everyday goods and services. And the major one that everyone will know about is Ethereum. You can basically sign up for the platform and use it in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies to use your other cryptocurrencies to pay for regular, everyday items in the real world.

Because according to many people, there are a lot of issues with retail, waiters and cashiers simply don’t have the technical skill needed to process a lot of transactions involving cryptocurrency and the blockchain system. And it doesn’t seam like there will be any way in the near future to require everyday people to know how to. And it’s because of that, most retailers simply can’t afford to use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the currency fluctuations in price are to susceptible to drastic change.

But with Eterbank, we are seeing the world’s first solution and that is bringing cryptocurrency coins to the main stream market. They are achieving this by making it possible to charge much easier with cryptocurrencies. This is happening through the use of a debit style card, and an app that operates on a point of sale application that operates like fiat currency.

Eterbank works with a lot of separate currencies like the Euro, the United States Dollar, the Great British Pound, and more. The platform is also extremely simple to use and ideal for stores that operate mainly in fiat currency. The reason is, the platform works by charging in fiat – then the user payment is extracted in an equal amount. After that, the retail gets their fiat back once again. The Eterbank platform is ideal for paying anywhere and buying anything in cryptocurrency.

They have a full product line of products as well, one of them being the Eter Retail PoS App as well. The wallet is ideal for handling multiple currencies in an easy to setup and use wallet. The tokens are known as EterPay and the PoS system makes it extremely easy for you to charge anyone, anywhere at any time. You can get paid in the currency of your choice as well.

The platform also gives shops, restaurants and other places of business the ability to accept payments in cryptocurrency and then get them exchanged for cash through the system without ever having to perform any personal actions. Basically, the platform allows for the seamless ability for a customer to pay in cryptocurrency and have a retailer never even notice that it wasn’t cash in the first place because the system exchanges it so simply.

There is almost no knowledge needed to use the app. It is also said to have one of the fastest signup and setup processes of any app on the market. And not only that, but it offers multi-currency support. Also, the platform operates in dollars as well, with only a 1% fee for each transaction. Lastly, it works on every operating system there is, so you can use it on almost any device.

EterBank SAFE Token ICO Details

The TSE Countdown is going and there is a little over a month and a half until it begins. To stay up to date with the countdown, you can sign up for the company newsletter on the company website. And order token sale reminders, as well as updates and other announcements from the team at Eterbank.

Who Is Behind EterBank?

The Product and Business Expert running the show is Alex Mihljcic, and he is the former COO & CPO who runs the Saas mobile platform that makes products for businesses. Like others he has direct links to social media profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook. There are 8 other team members on the platform who also are helping to run the project. Each of them has their own unique set of skills of which they are considered experts. Social media profile links are also on each of the profiles, so you can easily verify who they are.

EterBank Conclusion

Eterbank is a new platform that will allow merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency at their store and then have it converted to fiat money in their account without ever having to perform any difficult exchanges. If you are a merchant and want to use cryptocurrency in your retail store but don’t have the confidence in your technical capabilities, then Eterbank is ideal for you as it does the work for you.

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