Eternal Trusts

What Is Eternal Trusts?

Eternal Trusts is a unique company that is selling people the possibility of medical technology being able to extend their life or improves their quality of life using technology that is either not in existence or not legal at this point in time. The company is running a pre-sale of tokens prior to its actual token sale from June 1 to August 1, 2018. The only way a person can become a client of Eternal Trusts is to buy Eternal Trusts Tokens (ETT).

The CEO of Eternal Trusts is a man named Kirill Silvestrov, who has a background in investment banking. The company’s other employees listed on the Eternal Trusts website have backgrounds in areas such as asset management, trust establishment, blockchain development, and biomedicine. Silvestrov and most of the employees at Eternal Trusts appear to be natives of Russia.

How Eternal Trusts Coin Analysis & Blockchain Use Works

The motto at the top of the Eternal Trusts website is “A dream that is destined to succeed.” The company aims to provide a way for people to prolong their life or improve their quality of life using methods that are either not scientifically possible or not allowed on legal or ethically grounds at this point in time. Essentially, Eternal Trusts customers dictate products or services they want that will prolong or improve their life and the company will carry them out once science and technology allow for it.

In an interview, Silvestrov mentions technologies like cloning, being cryogenically frozen, or storing stem cells and DNA to treat diseases as several potential options to “pre-program a second life” and achieve “genetic immortality.” He states these are technologies that are being developed and could be available to people in the future.

Eternal Trusts would serve as a platform for people to request such procedures when they’re available. Money in the form of ETT would be saved in a trust and only used when those in the science community working with Eternal Trusts have the capabilities to carry out the person’s wishes.

Trusts signed with Eternal Trusts would be stored in blockchain so that the data is stored in a safe, decentralized location. With the use of blockchain, smart contracts through Eternal Trusts can be put into action as soon as science makes it possible to clone, freeze, or utilize stem cells or DNA in whatever way was ordered by the customer.

Eternal Trusts believes that its expertise in managing trusts and assets make it capable of fulfilling such promises. Silvestrov points out that assets will be stored securely and that trusts can last for several hundred years until the technology for cloning and other ventures to prolong human life can be utilized properly. Moreover, Silvestrov adds that as long as there is electricity, blockchain will exist and smart contracts with Eternal Trusts will remain intact.

Eternal Trusts ETT ICO Details

Smart contracts and legal agreements with Eternal Trusts can only be paid for using ETT. This makes it imperative to buy ETT either during the pre-sale or token sale if you wish to become a client of Eternal Trusts. The pre-sale will take place from March 22 to May 30, 2018, with 1 ETT coming at a cost of $0.01 USD. The pre-sale cap target is $2 million. The actual token sale will take place from June 1 to August 1, 2018. The soft cap is $7 million while the hard cap will be determined after the pre-sale. Among the currencies being accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DASH, and Litecoin.

Eternal Trusts Benefits & Side Effects

Obviously, the possibility of prolonging your life through advanced technologies is going to be appealing to most people. On the surface, Eternal Trusts would appear to have the tools and expertise to help make that happen, at least for those who can afford it. If you have the money and are willing to spend it, a trust with Eternal Trusts would be a viable way to give yourself a chance for what Silvestrov calls “genetic immortality.”

However, you also have to consider the chances that such technology will ever prove to be not only viable but legal and ethical as well. In the end, you could just be paying into a fantasy world that will never exist.

Is Eternal Trusts Right For You?

The only reason to consider Eternal Trusts is if you are a millionaire. The Eternal Trusts website makes it clear that they are marketing their services toward millionaires. In fairness, people sitting on millions of dollars would be the only ones capable of affording such radical and groundbreaking procedures that are capable of extending or improving human lives in ways we can only fantasize about at the current moment. Assuming you are a millionaire, if you are intrigued by cloning, cryogenic freezing, or the use of stem cells, Eternal Trusts may be right for you.

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