Buy Ancora 1919 Pens From Italy In Bitcoin & Ethereum Crypto

2017 marked the year when many people started to get on the cryptocurrency hype train and following the success of cryptocurrencies, many companies started producing digital currency-related goods. Ancora, the Milan based pen makers wanted to capitalize on the hype too.

Ancora is the definition of skilled artistry when it comes to making pens. They prefer craftsmanship over mass production and make one of the most luxurious pens on the market. Now, they have released one of the unique products in the market and call it “Bitcoin Pens.”

They are manufacturing a limited number of pens, which is analogous to the to the limited supply model of most cryptocurrencies. Ancora is releasing two models of pens, a fountain pen, and a rollerball pens. Only 888 rollerball pens will be released and the fountain pen will be more exclusive with only 88 units being manufactured.

How To Buy Ancora Luxury Pens

They are selling products using the ICO model which includes a pre-production and production stage of sale which gives the pens at discounted prices when compared to the retail price. The prices of different stages of production are as follows:

  • Pre-Production Stage: It lasts from 8th April to 8th May with the cost of a fountain pen being $1250 USD and Rollerball being $1000 USD.
  • Production Stage: With the price of a fountain pen being $1500 USD and Rollerball pen being $1250 USD, this stage will last from 12th may to 27th May.
  • Retail Sales: Retail sales begin on 1st July with a Fountain Pen $2500 USD and the Rollerball pen costing 2250 USD each.

Ancora allows customers to vote for which currency they would like the pen to be available. Customers can participate in the voting process on their Telegram channel or their website.

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