ETH Travel Token

In about ten years since the creation of blockchain technology, it has grown quite a lot. It has risen to levels that would astound even its inventors. With big blockchains like the Bitcoin and Ethereum becoming quite popular, organizations are now seeking new and innovative ways to utilize the blockchain.

What Is ETH Travel Token?

One of these projects that are finding new uses for the blockchain is the Ethereum Travel Token. This token is designed to disrupt the travel industry with federation protocols based on the ERC20 standard. It will let travelers book and manage their travel reservations in real time. With the token, a traveler can book or manage their airline bookings, car rentals, and hotel reservations with ease.

How ETH Travel Token Blockchain Management Coin Works

The ETH Travel token will overcome the shortcoming of the traditional industry of how transactions are done. It will allow travelers to make bookings without the need to share any personal data with third parties.

With the help of various innovations, the platform will make user management a breeze, compared to what it is today. The ETH travel ecosystem will offer a single sign-on access to various partners including airlines, hotel, car rentals, and many others. It will ensure that users can plan all their travel in one place.

The Ethereum Travel Token will also offer a mobile app, which will conveniently display all the user data that a traveler needs. This app will also make it possible to make bookings for anything they need in their travels.

Besides what is mentioned above, the token can be used to redeem points and use them to book anything they need. This way, travelers will not have to stick with one airline if they hope to redeem their rewards. Another major benefit that this ecosystem will offer is eliminating middlemen. Besides that, it will cut down on the time needed to find the right reservation for your needs.

ETH Travel Token Application

With the ETH Travel tokens, users can book and manage their travel reservations in just one place.

The goal of the ETH Travel token is to integrate all section of the travel industry such as hotels, car rentals, airlines, tourist sites, and many others under one roof. With this platform, they hope to bridge the entire travel industry with travelers in just one place.

ETH Travel Token ICO Details

  • Token: ETHTT
  • Pre-Sale: 40% Discount
  • Date of Pre-Sale: May 21 – May 31
  • Tokens Sold at Pre-sale: 4,000 ETHTT
  • Dates of the ICO: June 1 – June 30
  • ICO Phase 1: 30% Discount
  • Date of Phase 1: June 1- June 10
  • Tokens sold at Phase 1: 13,000 ETHTT
  • ICO Phase 2: 20% Discount
  • Date of Phase 2: June 11 – June 20
  • Tokens sold at Phase 2: 12,000 ETHTT
  • ICO Phase 3: 10%
  • Date of Phase 3: June 21 – June 30
  • Tokens Sold at Phase 3: 11,000 ETHTT
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft cap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 100,000 ETH

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