Do you like to gamble? Online gambling is a very profitable industry and, because of this, it is growing a lot in recent years. There are more people gambling online every year. After Bitcoin started to get famous, many online casinos started to accept cryptocurrencies and some of them even started their own cryptocurrencies.

Are these cryptocurrencies created to be used in online casinos a good investment? If you are in doubt, we have the answer to this question on this article. Today, we are going to review a company called Ethace.

What Is EthAce?

Ethace is the name of a new cryptocurrency to be released in the market in 2018. This new coin uses Ethereum-based technology to work, as many of the other new cryptocurrencies that have been appearing. But what does this company offer that is really new?

This new company believed that casinos lack transparency. Because of this, Ethace will be a new type a casino. One in which the users can be really sure that they will be able to see that they are not being cheated. Fortunately, the technology of the Ethereum blockchain offers just that: transparency and decentralization, so anybody can see the results, who is winning what and be content.

Not only the casinos lack transparency, but they are also slow to give the money to the users when they want to withdraw it and they retain the money of the user in the form of a deposit. Ethace wants to solve all of these issues with its system.

How Does EthAce Work?

Basically, Ethance works using smart contracts, which can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that all of the transactions made in Ethance are public and can be seen at any time. The company will also use a real Random Number Generator (RNG) system, which will be seen on the Ethereum blockchain.

The company expects that, by using Ethereum, it will have an advance in the market because of its transparency and security, as the smart contracts provide that the user will not lose its money.

The first game developed by the company is Blackjack, but the company will have more games in the future because it intends to reach a big share of the gambling market, so you can expect games like slots or roulette to be on the site in the near future.

The holders os the tokens which will be sold in the sale will have the right to receive dividends from the profit of the company and have voting rights when decisions about the company have to be made in the future.

How To Invest In Ethace?

To invest in this gambling company, you will have to buy its GNT tokens. The pre-ICO is about to start at the time of this report, beginning on December 25. After that, the main ICO will be held during 2018.

You can use ETH to buy the GNT tokens, but their price was still not public at the time of this report. Remember that the GNT tokens act as shares of the company and, because of this, they can be valuable for you.

EthAce Verdict

Is this investment good for you? It probably is. The Ethace’s ICO site is not really very informative and might even be suspicious (it has some English mistakes, which can be a red flag sometimes), but their White Paper is pretty well written and explains very well and clearly the goals of the company. Because of this, there is a good chance that you can trust in this company.

The dividends offered by the company look like they could deliver a good return on investment to you, so this is definitely a positive point. The company also seems to know its market well and have a good plan of business.

If you like this company, you can certainly invest in it. It seems like Ethance can be a good investment for you.

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