Etheera ETA ICO Review

Etheera ETA, found online at, aims to create the future of global real estate. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Etheera ETA?

Etheera is a global real estate platform built around digital tokens called Etheera Tokens, or ETA.

The project is being developed by a Switzerland-based company called IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH. That company claims to have created the “first decentralized global real estate platform.”

Etheera is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The overall goal of Etheera is to take advantage of unused real estate around the world. An ICO for Etheera started on January 16, 2018 – although the company doesn’t appear to have any existing product or service in place.

There are plenty of unusual things about Etheera. The website and whitepaper are both poorly designed. They’re filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. There doesn’t appear to be any real business model in place. The company is focusing entirely on the ICO – which they’re releasing long before any product has been released. They’ve also set a ridiculously ambitious hard cap of $116 million for their ICO.

Despite these unusual things, let’s take a closer look at how Etheera plans to disrupt the global real estate industry.

What Problems Does Etheera Seek to Solve?

High costs across the industry, which “forces the agents to be much more limited and he does not publish objects everywhere anymore,” explains the Etheera whitepaper in broken English (I have no idea what they mean by this)

  • Sellers and buyers struggle to interact efficiently in today’s real estate market
  • Unused properties are lying dormant worldwide
  • Brokers play a crucial role because there’s no trust in the global marketplace, but they also charge high fees
  • There’s no international all-in-one real estate platform that covers all real estate needs

How Does Etheera Work?

Basically, Etheera plans to solve every problem in the world of global real estate. To do that, the company will create a global portal with three broad functions:


Etheera’s platform will connect buyers with sellers worldwide.

Multiple Tools:

Etheera’s platform will include tools like CRM functions, calendars, callbacks, visitor logs, newsletter support, email, external APIs, databases, real estate estimates, a global broker network, and more.


Customers can access real estate consulting services through the Etheera platform.

Overall, Etheera aims to create an all-in-one real estate platform packed with tools. It’s all very ambitious. Users will be able to pay for a Basic or Pro account on the platform.

The Etheera ETA ICO

The Etheera ICO is taking place from January 16 to March 17, 2018. There will be a total of 300 million ETAs available during the token sale. The tokens are priced at a rate of 0.0005 ETH per token.

Etheera has set a hard cap of 6,000 ETH and a hard cap of 105,000 ETH. Yes, the company’s hard cap for the token sale is $116 million USD.

The main purpose of tokens is to share platform revenues. The total income collected by Etheera’s license fees will be distributed to token holders. The more tokens you have, the higher your percentage of profits will be. For example, Platinum investors (who hold 30,000 ETA and more) will receive 50% of profits, Gold investors (holding 10,000+ ETA) will receive 35%, Silver investors (holding 100+ ETA) will receive 10%, and Bronze investors (no ETA required) will receive 5%.

70% of the total supply of tokens is being sold during the token sale. The remaining tokens are allocated for the founders and team (15%), reserve funding (10%), advisors (3%), marketing (1%), and a “tournament” (1%).

Who’s Behind Etheera ETA?

Etheera is led by a Switzerland-based company called IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH, also known as IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH. The project’s official founder is listed as Alexander Bojat, with co-founders listed as Artan Ibrahimi and Isa Zeqiraj.

IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH has been active in the real estate industry since 2013. Now, with Etheera, they aim to combine their real estate experience with blockchain technology.

Etheera is headquartered in Kriens, Switzerland. You can view an awkward, amateur video introducing the company’s office on YouTube here.

Etheera ETA ICO Conclusion

Etheera appears to be an ICO scam – or, at the very least, a dumb investment. The company has no product – not even an MVP or beta – available to the public. Despite the complete lack of any product or service, the company is launching a token sale with a ridiculous hard cap of $116 million USD.

The beta version isn’t scheduled to launch until Q2 2018. There’s no evidence that any type of platform development has started. There are also plenty of unusual things about Etheera – like an awkward video showcasing the Etheera office and its team, as well as atrocious English grammar and spelling used across the website. It’s an overall amateur presentation for a company seeking to disrupt the “global real estate industry”.

Ultimately, it’s a bad idea to invest in any company before they have any product or service available to the public. You may want to wait for more information about Etheera to appear online before you invest.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $142.96B $8,066.6562 -0.06% $5.05B
ETH $26.83B $252.6008 0.35% $2.17B
XRP $16.33B $0.3877 -0.75% $390.93M
BCH $7.22B $405.8303 -1.69% $267.68M
LTC $6.36B $102.6665 1.02% $939.06M
EOS $5.84B $6.3972 -1.85% $595.23M
BNB $4.95B $35.0911 2.29% $365.67M
USDT $3.07B $1.0049 0.16% $4.75B
XLM $2.42B $0.1256 -1.32% $41.46M
ADA $2.09B $0.0806 -1.72% $45.28M

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