Ether Cartel

What Is Ether Cartel?

Ether Cartel is a blockchain-based game that is modeled on “Ether Shrimp Farm.” The more kilos that you acquire, the more drugs you can produce. Each kilo is able to produce at 1 per day. To play this game, you will need to collect more kilos with the drugs to grow production to cash out for Ethereum.

Ether Cartel Is All for Fun

The game is purely meant for fun. It does not encourage or endorse the purchase and selling of illegal drugs. Besides that, this game is not meant to encourage players to participate in real-life cartels. To play this game, you will need to have Metamask.

Ether Cartel Automated Market

This game comes with an automated market, which will let you buy or sell drugs instantly in just one transaction. The prices are driven by demand and supply. Thus, as the player's trade, the price will rise or drop accordingly.

Ether Cartel Referral Program

This game comes with a nice referral program. You will be able to earn 20% of all the drugs collected by anyone that starts playing via your referral link.

The game is quite popular in the blockchain community. Last week alone, the game managed to rake in a transaction volume of over 33 ETH. In just one day, there are over 25000 Ethereum transactions taking place in the game.

The Ether Cartel Goal

There are various ways to achieve the goal of this game. One way to do so is to purchase cartel members. There are 9 levels of cartel members, each of which increases in price while also yielding more in the game’s currency. You may also be able to advance in the game by attacking rivals. This is achieved via attack and defense units that you purchase in the game.

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