Ether Doggos

What Is Ether Doggos?

Ether Doggos is a brand new system based around cryptocurrency for people who love virtual pets. Ether Doggos are new collectable digital animals focused in a game based on the Ethereum blockchain. And like Ethereum, the game uses smart-contracts that make it easy for users to collect their pets. They can buy, sell and in time play mini games using their virtual animals.

The Doggos also have a bunch of different visual traits and many different utilitarian traits that make them each unique. An example of this is when it comes to the mini-games, some of the pets are better at doing different things. Like in the racing games, one Doggos may be exceptionally faster then another at one game while one may be slower.

And since the animals are based on blockchain technology, as well as linked to public addresses, they belong to the owner alone and cannot be modified by anyone including the founders of the platform.

How Ether Doggos Collectable CryptoPuppies Game Works

Through the use of a metamask, they have figured out a solid way to authenticate their users to make sure they are who they say. Each of the dogs a player owns are tied to the players metamask address. That means that the player can keep the doggos safe and secure, as long as they don’t forget the password of the animal. If you do, you’ll have to use your recovery phrase, so you can recover the password.

If you don’t have a metamask, you have to download it from the link on the website to create an account. Also, it’s important you lock your metamask once you leave the site to make sure your account stays safe.

You can breed your doggos once you have 2 or more. Breeding them will produce unique species with similar traits of the two breeders.

Ether Doggos Conclusion

The company is still brand-new, but hopes to provide users with a fun experience that is simple enough to use and entertaining for a long period of time. You can learn more at

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