Ethereum Classic (ETC) has warned about the Ether Emerald or Ethereum Emerald (ETE) scam. ETE’s twitter account says that it is a new generation of smart contract development platform. But Ethereum Classic explains that the company is not related or affiliated to them and that it is a scam.

Is Ethereum Emerald A Scam?

Ethereum Classic says that ETE uses a similar name to Ethereum Classic’s Emerald Project to attract more individuals and investors. Additionally, ETC says that ETE is a scam because there is no information about the team or the project in general, and that the followers are all bots.

Ethereum Classic has released a cryptocurrency wallet known as Emerald Wallet. The ETC development team known as ETCDEV is a group of software engineers and professionals that work on the core project of Ethereum Classic.

But there were some issues with previous releases that had to be fixed and now they have been repaired. We can mention problems such as block progress during sync, alignment of the error message, differing NodeJs versions, dialog rendering inaccurate tx value, and a few more. The update of the Emerald Wallet v1.0.0 include point to full or light node, Point to Mainnet or Testnet node and RPC.

At the moment of writing this article Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the 15th most important cryptocurrency by market capitalization with $1.67 billion dollars valuation. At the same time, each token can be bought for $16.27 dollars.

Some weeks ago, Ethereum Classic was added to the Coinbase Platform, one of the most important companies in the crypto world.

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