One of the major challenges facing Ethereum is privacy; Ethereum Meta seeks to address this problem using smart contracts that ensure third parties cannot access information about the transactions that a user has carried out.

The platform aims at making Ethereum Meta a token that individuals can use to make their daily payments on the anonymous market place. It also aims at developing a wallet that users can access through the Tor Browser in order to transact on the anonymous E-marketplace.

Anonymous Transactions On Ether Meta

Through the smart contract integrated into the system, users can transact anonymously. The anonymous transactions will exist alongside the non-anonymous transactions. However, a user can choose to convert back to ethers, which are non-anonymous coins into Ethereum Meta in order to transact anonymously. The Ethereum Meta is transferable to other users; it can also be split or merged in order to preserve the total value. Besides, the Meta token can be changed back to normal Ethereum without being traced. It also mixes the tokens through using other tokens controlled by smart contracts in order to maintain transparency.

Accessibility Of Ethereum Meta

The token is a basis for the anonymous decentralized E-marketplace that will be developed and will be accessible via the Tor browser. Ethereum Meta is abbreviated as ETHM and is accessible through multiple wallets such as ProxyWallet, Eidoo, MyEtherWallet, Parity and many more. The ETHM can be added to an ERC20 compatible wallet by inputting the token address and symbol information to the costume token tab.

In the future, the token will implement zero-knowledge transaction features and appear on more cryptocurrency exchanges and after that the smart contract will also implemented.

There will be an Ethereum Meta Foundation, which will manage all the expenses and issues relating to the development of the Ethereum Meta. This will be done in order to maintain transparency on the project and to encourage community participation in funding future developments. The foundation will offer information on balances of the development fund, incoming donations, how to donate, and cost of projects.

Ether Meta (ETHM Token) ICO Details

  • Symbol: ETHM
  • Supply: 96,571,598
  • ICO Price: $.22 per ETHM
  • Soft Cap: $3,000,000
  • Hard Cap: 10,000,000
  • ICO Round 1: Feb 1, 2018 – Feb 28, 2018
  • ICO Round 2: Mar 1, 2018 – Mar 31, 2018
  • ICO Round 3 Apr 1, 2018 – Apr 30, 2018

Benefits Of The Ethereum Meta Token

Anonymous Transaction

Through using of the tokens, users are able to transact anonymously and in an untraceable way, which is attributed to the smart contracts that the token adopts. The anonymous transactions will be beneficial in storing the value of assets.


Users can trade and exchange the token for ether or bitcoin on multiple exchanges such as EtherDelta, TokenStore, ForkDelta, and Crytopia. This increases the liquidity of the token as well as storing the value of the token.


Users can be able to monitor or transact easily using their wallets. Wallets are available on windows, Linux and mac devices. Wallet accessibility is also possible using mobile devices. This will make it more convenient to transact using the token. The convenience will result in more transactions being carried out, which will eventually increase the value of the token.


All transaction and operations with the tokens will be through a smart contract, which will ensure that transactions are secure and transparent at the same time.


The tokens can convert back to normal ether when required by the user.

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