Ether Racing

Like bitcoin, Ethereum has ushered in a whole new range of investment opportunities. One of the most interesting opportunities that is now available is geared toward those who enjoy virtual gaming, especially those that deal with racing. The new platform that this review would like to introduce is Ether Racing. This platform is designed for blockchain racing so that individuals can accumulate ether just by racing.

What Is Ether Racing?

Ether Racing is a niche in the Ethereum market and it most likely best understood by those who are familiar with CryptoKitties because the concepts are so familiar. In this case, the platform works by enabling individuals to purchase cheap cars. In return for their purchase, they receive ether. If someone purchases the same car, then in return, the initial purchaser will receive a small amount of monetary return.

While this concept seems like an interesting and unique way to gain ether, the trouble is that there are many who are warning individuals to be wary of the platform because it may be akin a ponzi scheme – although, there is currently no solid proof as to this claim. The allegation is based on how the concept works. For example, those who start early on with the platform start to make the most at the expense of others.

Racing Different Car Models

Those who visit the platform will notice that it has a number of functions and qualities. For instance, the platform introduces a series of care models, it identifies their speed, acceleration, braking, grip, speed, and the referral profit statistics. The profit statistics provide individuals with insight as to the return that they too may be able to achieve.

Despite the current features of the website, it still is quite sparse and difficult to navigate. Those who try using the platform will not have the benefit of a user-friendly interface and will, unfortunately, have to be experienced in the concept of blockchain racing.

Ether Racing Summary

Overall, Ether Racing is recommended for those who are very familiar with the concept and who can overcome the challenges that the website poses. There also is some information that the platform is in its beta stage and is only accessible to certain users. To perhaps familiarize oneself with the platform though, it may be best to visit the website.

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