Ether Shrimp Farm

The Ether Shrimp Farm has been considered as the number one Shrimp farm simulator you can find in the market, and also the best idle game you can come across in the blockchain technology. So the more shrimp you have acquired will mean the more eggs that they are able to lay. It is because each shrimp that you get will lay one egg per day, so the more, the merrier.

From the many eggs that get laid you are also able to hatch more shrimp so that you can quickly multiply your current production. Once you have a good amount that you are happy with you can easily opt for cashing them out for the Ethereum token.

The Ether Shrimp Farm has been designed with an automatic market, the best that technology can provide. With this feature in place, it enables you to quickly buy or sell your shrimp eggs with a single transaction. Not forgetting all this is driven by the demand and supply, so that means that the price will automatically get adjusted as various players on the platform trade.

The platform has been powered by Metamask to ensure you enjoy smooth transitions. But that's not all as the platform has put in place a referral program where you can earn about 20% on the number of all eggs hatched by any individual who plays using your link. So start referring to increase the amount you are able to earn from the platform.

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