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Ether Universe is the first high-performance cross-chain project which is designed to provide a capable and robust cross-chain solution based on EOS. Dedicated provide infrastructure services for different blockchain, Ether Universe can connect them and allow exchanging value across them in a decentralized manner.

How Does Ether Universe Work?

The core of ETUChain (Ether Universe’s token) is built on EOS with DPOS which enables it to support features like accounts system, application certainty, parallel execution, token models, resource management and cross-chain communication.

Ether Universe is designed to enable exchanging value across different blockchains. In order to achieve this, we first need to implement a logic subchain based on Ethereum or another blockchain. A logic subchain is created as a software of a blockchain, then a two-way anchoring between it and the target blockchain is made to enable operations including locking. The communications between Ether Universe and EOS base chain is implemented with the cross-chain communication feature provided by EOS.

A user will be able to transfer EOS tokens to the receipt while spending ETH tokens, or vice versa. The ETH tokens in possession by the user shall be converted to EOS tokens by active traders on Ether Universe network at best available rates. More cryptocurrencies shall be on the list upon release.

A point to be noted about EOS is its price behavior. During the last month prices of major cryptos were in a free fall with Ethereum trading under $500 USD and getting lower by the day. During the same timeframe, the value of EOS has remained steady, sometimes making lunges of up to 10%.

When you consider that HBO’s John Oliver was mocking EOS by calling it a project that was valued so high, yet it doesn't have anything going on, you come to know he was just being a mouthpiece for the establishment. Platforms like Ether Universe / ETU Token are effectively using EOS (Enterprise Operating System) to catapult to the paradigm of next generation of cryptocurrencies.

It was reported that Ether Universe is now over 180,000+ strong in their community, making them top eight among blockchain member-based groups. Let's stay tuned for the release of the cross-chain mobile wallet app for both iOS and Android devices in the near future!

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