The cryptocurrency market has seen many different initial coin offerings launched over the last year. Many of these new market players have presented the industry with disruptive applications of blockchain technology that fulfil a specific purpose, while others focus on providing a more efficient version of existing blockchain platforms.

One of the most interesting new initial coin offerings fuses the best aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most highly valued cryptocurrencies on the market. Called EtherBTC, this new solution is designed to deliver enhanced transaction speed, ease of use, stability, and lower transaction fees.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the EtherBTC solution and highlight its most unique features to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s the right investment for you.

What Is EtherBTC?

EtherBTC is intended to function as a decentralized peer to peer currency that provides near-instantaneous transactions. The platform integrates a number of innovative features drawn from the Ethereum blockchain, such as Smart Contracts and decentralized apps.

EtherBTC, or ETHB works in a similar manner to Bitcoin, and can be used as both a storage of value as well as a method of payment or transferring currency anywhere in the world. Overall, the EtherBTC platform appears to be an innovative combination of the best features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The EtherBTC ICO

The EtherBTC ICO offers a comprehensive white paper, which is a good sign in the saturated ICO market, and is currency available for registration on the EtherBTC website. The market cap of EtherBTC is set at 21,000,000 ETHB, of which 2,000,000 have been set aside for the development team.

10,000,000 ETHB will be released during the EtherBTC ICO, while another 1,000,000 ETHB are reserved for bounties. During the ICO pre-sale, one ETHB will be valued at $0.50 USD, which will double to $1 USD during the ICO sale. Over the next four years, the remaining ETHB will be released at rate of 2,000,000 ETHB per year.

EtherBTC Conclusion

The EtherBTC ICO is a unique and interesting blockchain solution that appears to hold a great deal of potential, and is definitely worth a closer look.

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