EtherDelta Cryptocurrency Exchange Gets Hacked By Trading Attacker

EtherDelta, a favorite exchange for purchasing cryptocurrencies, has suspended its service after it was apparently hit by an attacker.

EtherDelta is particularly notable for its choice of alt coins (from ICOs) that are usually recorded on its website until they reach other, higher profile buys. The market is also easy to use because it doesn't require user confirmation of any kind to start trading, though it doesn't encourage fiat so all trades are crypto-to-crypto.

Another tweet implies that the attacker managed to spoof its domain – minus its Twitter feed and conversation interface – a move which, if let unchecked, could let it empty user wallets. At this point, it is not clear what effect, if any, the apparent breach has had on EtherDelta users.

EtherDelta has trading volume of about $11 million each day, according to figures from The metric, that is only one information site for assessing exchanges, would rank it within the world's top 75 trading websites, according to the website.

Other Crypto-Related Attacks

This information follows the closing of Korean trade Youbit, which announced it is filing for bankruptcy after being under siege twice this year, reportedly by North Korean attackers.

Europe-based NiceHash stated it lost tens of millions of dollars from an attack last week. A startup which is employed with trades Tether, said it lost $31 million last month.

The world's highest-valued and best-funded exchange Coinbase, botched their launch of Bitcoin Cash this past week causing them to be under pressure.


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