Etherecash, found online at, wants to “bridge the gap” between financial institutions and unbanked/underbanked individuals worldwide. Here’s our review.

What is Etherecash?

Etherecash is a digital currency that aims to revolutionize three core functions of finance: transparency, security, and reliability. The currency uses smart contracts to provide peer-to-peer loans using cryptocurrency.

The three core functions of Etherecash include:

The ICO for Etherecash is scheduled to launch on November 15, with a pre-launch ICO taking place from October 25 to November 7.

The overall goal of Etherecash is, according to the whitepaper, “to establish itself as a secure and reliable decentralized platform for the core financial services…by moving these key services to the blockchain and with the introduction of smart contracts, we intend to provide a more future proof, pocket friendly medium to meet consumer needs on a global scale.”

How Does Etherecash Work?

As mentioned above, Etherecash was built with three main functions in mind, including lending, sending, and spending. Here’s a brief overview of how each one works:


Etherecash provides peer-to-peer lending backed by cryptocurrencies. You can lend to borrowers internationally with border-free loans. Lenders get higher returns than typical bank deposits, while borrowers can borrow 70 to 80% of the value of their cryptocurrency without needing to liquidate assets.

Overall, Etherecash aims to connect borrowers and lenders through a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Etherecash facilitates international money transfer with fast confirmations, minimal fees, and a secure sending process. Obviously, most cryptocurrencies provide identical benefits, and Etherecash seems to work in a similar way in terms of international transactions.


Etherecash claims to be “the first of its kind” for putting multiple currencies on a single debit card. You can use it just like a normal debit card for making payments, shopping online, or withdrawing from ATMs.

The debit card can be used anywhere traditional cards are accepted. You can use it online or offline, at home or while traveling abroad.

Overall, Etherecash’s collective services promise to help you maximize the potential of your assets. The entire platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts and a frictionless digital currency.

Etherecash Features

Etherecash emphasizes all of the following features:

User-Friendly Interface: Etherecash aims to make it easy for people to access loans through the platform even if they have limited tech skills or crypto experience.

International: Etherecash wants to be accessible anywhere in the world 24/7, so users don’t need to wait for a bank to open before they access banking services.

Partial Funding: Investors and lenders have the option to receive a partially fulfilled loan from multiple lenders.

Flexibility: Etherecash provides options for borrowers, lenders, senders, and spenders.

Direct Matching: Etherecash’s platform can recommend potential borrowers you can lend to, based on your desired returns and exposure to risk.

Lawyer Backed: Etherecash’s smart contracts were created in partnership with lawyers to meet regulatory and contract requirements across the world.

How to Use Etherecash

To use Etherecash, you first need to register and agree to the terms and conditions of the platform. You must be over 18 years of age and have permanent residency or citizenship in a recognized country, along with a valid Social Security Number or equivalent in the country of residence.

From there, you can either deposit fiat currency into the platform, then earn money from lending activities. Or, you can borrow money by putting up cryptocurrency as collateral.

Etherecash Token Sale

The Etherecash token sale began with a pre-launch ICO from October 25 to November 7, 2017. Bonuses of up to 25% were available during the pre-launch ICO.

The general crowdsale, meanwhile, is expected to last from November 15 to December 19, 2017. Bonuses of 15% are available during the first week of the sale.

Etherecash tokens are ERC20 compliant tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Out of the total supply of tokens, 30% is going to the ICO, 25% is going to the founders and the team, 20% is going to an expansion and development reserve fund, 15% is going to research and development, bounties, and partnerships, and 10% was sold during the pre-ICO.

There’s a total supply of 360 million tokens, with 144 million tokens available during the ICO.

There’s a soft cap of $15 million for the token sale and a hard cap of $100 million.

Who’s Behind Etherecash?

Etherecash is led by Jacky Thanh (CEO), Miguel Aguirre Seoane (COO). Thanh is the founder of Pro Life and has 20+ years of experience in American financial markets, while Seoane is the former CEO of MMRM and has 18+ years of executive experience in the United States, Spain, India, and Brazil.

Obviously, a number of companies offer smart contract-based lending and ERC20 digital tokens – so what makes Etherecash different? The company claims that the difference is that it’s “lawyer backed”, and supported “by some of the top legal houses, with offices dotted in every key economy.” The whitepaper doesn’t go into further detail about what this specifically means, and it’s not totally clear how this aims to be a major advantage.

The company plans to make money by charging a small service fee in Etherecash for each transaction that occurs in the marketplace. Meanwhile, their target audience consists of “everybody”, according to the whitepaper, including individuals, SMEs, companies, projects, the unbanked, and entrepreneurs.

Etherecash Conclusion

Etherecash is a lending platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform distinguishes itself from the competition using legally-binding smart contracts that were written with the help of law offices worldwide. These smart contracts enforce the terms of the contract, making Etherecash an ideal platform for businesses and individuals, borrowers and lenders.

The Etherecash token sale is underway throughout October, November, and December. You can learn more about the platform today at

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