The use of blockchain has proven to be diverse, as a wide of range of fields have benefited from it. The embedded features like its decentralized system, security, consistent speed and the increased focus on privacy is what made many turned to its uses. Today, blockchain technology has redefined the gaming world through Etheremon.

Etheremon is a combination of blockchain technology and Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The following review will look closely at Etheremon with respect to its purpose, its uses, how to get started and much more.

What Is Etheremon?

Etheremon is the first ever game to be based off of the blockchain technology, with increased focus on Game 3.0. The gaming experience was created in the efforts of allowing users to capture, train, transform and trade Etheremons with other players.

What makes Etheremon interesting is the fact that the assets earned in the game belong to the rightful owner. Most importantly, doors that may promote theft will be completely blocked to maximize one’s secure holdings.

Etheremon appears to have started on the right foot, as it has gained five different partnerships, including Opskins, Decentraland, Toshi, Trinity, and Inwecrypto; all of which are related to gaming.

How Etheremon's Blockchain Virtual Reality Game Works

According to the claims made, users can generate value for Etheremons (Mons) in two ways. First, it is believed that the more one trains his or her Mons, the more value one can accumulate. The game store currently carries Level One Mons, which can be trained to lay eggs. Since Mons are limited in supply, other existing types will only be available on the trade market.

The second way is to mine the EMONT, an ERC-token, which is the cryptocurrency for Etheremon. Playing the game, allows users to mine EMONT. Mining has its benefits, as users can trade them for Ether (ETH). Of the 20 million EMONT cap, 5 per cent will be reserved for the development team, 25 per cent will be devoted to User Growth Pool and 70 per cent is set to be mined by players in the game.

How To Get Started With Etheremon's Emont Tokens?

To get started, it is as simple as installing Metamask, Topping-up ETH and then the fun and games can begin. As far as what’s been told, users can buy ETH from any available crypto exchange, as it is will be used to pay the transaction fees.

Etheremon Final Thoughts

Overall, the approach taken to enhance one’s gaming experience through Etheremon seems innovative. While the concept behind the game is not that unique alone, as it resembles that of Pokémon because of the eggs, training Mons and the supposed battles. However, its use of blockchain technology is what takes it up a notch.

Etheremon is now in its second phase of development, which will focus solely on game modes. That is, being able to send one-on-one challenge letters, tournaments, and hunting and finding Mons.

A single concern that might seem striking is the team involved, as there seems to be no word on such matters. We do know these crypto-collectible blockchain games are catching on, with the likes of CryptoKitties, CryptoCarz and World of Ether to name a few.

Furthermore, the minimum and maximum amount of ETH needed to play the game is not disclosed as of yet. For more information, check out:

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