Ethereum Anonymizer ICO (ATH Token): Anonymous Transactions?

What Is Ethereum Anonymizer ATH?

ATH is a brand-new cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that is ideal for turning Ethereum into a completely anonymous system. And the platform is now the first service of its nature, by which Ethereum becomes completely anonymous when it comes to the transactions using the company tokens. And there is currently a pre-sale you can get involved in that is running along side an affiliate program. Telegram, Twitter and BitoinTalk are three of the social media accounts that people can be use to follow the ATH platform online.

How Ethereum Anonymizer ATH Anonymous Transactions Works

The Specifications of the ATH ERC20 Token are is designed to be used as an advanced cryptographic technical token, there are namely zero proofs of knowledge and they guarantee al transactions have been verified without actually revealing any additional information about who they are. There is an address on the website, and the symbol of the token is the ATH.

This is the first token to be used on the Ethereum Network that is completely anonymous. And there are no banks or links between transactions. Also, any users have the ability to perform highly advanced techniques of a cryptographic nature. The smart contracts on the system are used to verify the contract source code gets verified.

The first step of the platform is to create an invoice, it is then sent through a DApp with an encryption helper. The next phases is finding the right buyer, after that, you can withdraw the satoshi and with the main contract, receive your ATH. At the same time, the buyer accepts the invoice from the buyer, then sends the correct amount after the buyer enters the amount and sends it to a reserve to be held. At any time, the invoice has the potential to be completely canceled.

Ethereum Anonymizer ATH Token ICO Details

There is a pre-sale that is currently commencing. And with it, more than 50,000 ATH will receive a lifetime share when it comes to any profit that is made from the project being started. And this is all create from a commission of 505 of all income made off the project, it’s then automatically dispersed. If you want to learn more about the company’s white paper listing, then you can download it at the company website for free. It is completely full of everything you need understand the platform and how it works.

As of now, the price of each token is only 0.00024 ETH each. And soon, there will only be a bonus of 50% given out to random participants. And the other aspect is that a lot of the money comes from the affiliate program.

Who Is Behind Ethereum Anonymizer ATH?

At this point in time, there is no information about who is on the team or where they are located also, no information has been given on the headquarters of the company.

Ethereum Anonymizer ATH Conclusion

ATH is a new platform that is promising to be the first completely anonymous Ethereum based token on the market. You can see a full road map and learn more about ATH on the company website at Satoshitteam.


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