Ethereum Blockchain Used to Make Crypto-Punk Page

The Ethereum Blockchain is easiest one of the most trusted, popular blockchains in the world. This is mainly because the technology used to run the blockchain, which is important for the cryptocurrency world. Ethereum is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, running on a decentralized network that uses the smart contracts, apps that run as they’re supposed to without any downtime, censorship, fraud, or interference from outside parties.

There is a new game named Crypage that has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, and it’s the first in a series of games, with a fusion idle strategy and card trading. Crypage is a powerful, said to be very fun simulation game. Crypage is a simulation designed for blockchain venture technology development purposes in the future.

Anyone can start the game at anytime as a beginner on level 1. They will have limited resources at their hand, but the key is to play the game right a player will be able to easily power through the later levels to win cards as bonuses. As of now, there are 45 cards, each unique, that can be collected in the game. There is a multitude of locations, characters, projects, mining equipment, and booster cards, all of which very in their availability. People report the game is considered to be very addicting.

Not only gaming, but other fields like ecommerce, the food industry, art industry, ecommerce platforms and others have a place in the filed of the game.

From the viewpoint of the gamers, the team at the Cryptage platform is working hard to make needed improvements on the game’s UI as well as general gameplay mechanics. Not only that but preparing the achievements system in the game for the brand-new achievements system and card trading market places.

Cryptage is a game that was built to fully utilize the blockchain for game play mechanics and fun. It is also a step to fully make gamers know about the crypto-world as well as the other way around. Also, the gaming platform was designed to be used as a cutting edge, breakthrough tech to push it even further with newer innovations.

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