Ethereum Cash Pro

What Is Ethereum Cash Pro?

Ethereum Cash Pro is said to be a wealth creation platform. Already, this language is common among scammers. They apparently have tokens available already and you can earn percentages for staking the tokens at a rate of 5% each month. You can earn through their free token, affiliate system or for staking their token.

How Ethereum Cash Pro Cryptocurrency Program Works

The platform is an Ethereum Based Token that is going to allow users to send and receive payments with the platform as well as the smart contract system used by Ethereum. They claim the platform is superior to other traditional payment systems. The reason is they offer affiliate programs and lending services as well as claim to be highly trustworthy.

Not like non-blockchain technologies, EthereumCashPro is designed around a decentralized Ethereum Network. And the use of the blockchain technology ensures that no one can access financial information on any user. It elevates the level of trust apparently.

You can also use their innovative technologies in a P2P based lending space. In order to reach as large of a community as possible and show them the benefits of using blockchain technology. Ethereum Cash Pro is said to all be available on a mobile platform as well.

The mobile application will also be run and maintained via ECP. But it will be built on the already existing Ethereum network. And users can use the smart contracts at anytime regardless if they’re using the mobile app or not.

They promise the network will be smart and easy to use. As well as highly secured thanks to the use of the blockchain technology. Not only that, but it will be fast and run on the Ethereum Blockchain which is a massive worldwide platform with a solid infrastructure.

Apparently, there are no financial boundaries when using the system. You’ll be able to transfer money to any country at any time with no questions asked. Because with cryptocurrencies in general there is no concept of borders whatsoever. And with a platform like this, you can transfer money from A to B in a matter of minutes.

Also, there is transparency because you can’t cheat a blockchain. This is all according to the company mind you, not from any proven statement. There are always loopholes, even though they claim they have figured them all out. Basically, when you want to send money – Ethereum Cash Pro is claiming to be the best way to do it. And it’s not expensive either. When compared to other transfers, it’s only a fraction of the cost.

They also have lending, trading and staking as well as mining. But that’s not a big deal, because tons of other platforms do as well. As of now, they haven’t really offered any unique solutions, just solutions that already exist on other platforms.

Now, here’s where things get shady. They really push the affiliate system and lending platform. And that is a big red-flag in the industry. The reason, they’re pushing these two aspects of the company more than they’re explaining why anyone would even want to use it.

It’s a common occurrence in the industry as of now that a lot of people are unaware of. But that’s not the only red-flag they put out, they also have no team or central location for their company. And that is the complete opposite of transparency.

Ethereum Cash Pro ICO

The ICO is said to go into pre-launch phase in a little over eight days.

Who Is Behind Ethereum Cash Pro?

At this time, we have no idea who is backing the system or where it’s located. There is mostly just a lot of hype and filler content to make the platform sound great. But they still don’t disclose information that is vital to a cryptocurrency startup.

The red-flags they put up should be enough to discourage anyone who knows from investing with them. Save yourself the time and find a real company that understands the concept of transparency.

Ethereum Cash Pro Conclusion

They claim to be the best trading platform in the world, but nothing they have is very innovative or different than any other platform in the cryptocurrency space. And the fact they don’t disclose information on their team or location shows they are hiding something. In my opinion this platform has scam written all over it. If you want to make money with cryptocurrency, look for a trusted company and do it right the first time.

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  1. Ethereum cash pro..
    hope it is not a scam..
    if it is legit.. for me being a south African will make me a millionaire x9 if the ECP reaches $2 in a few days..
    and ll the people who signed up and received 10000 free tokens..
    this will be big for a lot of people..
    so lets wait for launching day and see if I can release my 250k tokens at $2 each..

  2. Maxiflo, All people here are in the same condition, they use referral ecc… to get a lot of ECP for free. There is no doubt that is a scam. I have no idea if it will go to the listing but, if so, let’s try to sell everything fast. My advice is not to wait 2 USD to sell. 2 USD for the amount of ECPtoken released: GDP of China, quite impossible 😛

  3. Federico, if actually they happened not to be a scam, can someone have access on his/her free token if the person didn’t buy their ICO when launched? Thanks!

  4. Obviously This Guys are Scam, check its Managers, the Shortn the names to J. or C and dont use Images. This is not better that VitroCoin who fooled us hell out, it never saw launch day. But if by mistake this happens to be real, am a millionaire already hahahaha over 500,000 coins in wallet all free.

    To make matters worst, Bitcoin is falling value keeps dropping discouraging Altcoins.

    That’s my Take –

  5. I have signed up as a free member in Feb 2018 when free token airdrops were available. Later the upgrading phases of the ECP Coin and general appearance of the site seemed very realistic. The signup bonus of 10000 tokens and sponsoring commission of 5000 tokens was quite encouraging and I sponsored about 12 members. I have a significant balance of 65000 tokens (about $32,500) and was quite excited about the prospects. However, there seems no way out to withdraw or encash the earnings. Last week, I submitted 3/4 tokens for support which were not replied. I have carefully read the review and have started doubting the platform unless there is any positive sign. “Online resources are no more trustworthy.” This is what I am forced to conclude.


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