You probably know Bitcoin Cash. Born from a Bitcoin hard fork that occurred on August 1, 2017, Bitcoin is not the official Bitcoin, but it is still a very valuable cryptocurrency.

There's also a very good chance that you know who Vitalik Buterin is. He is one of the main creators of the Ethereum blockchain and is a very important personality in the cryptocurrency world.

From time to time, Buterin has some pretty controversial opinions and one of his latest tweets that caused controversy was about Bitcoin Cash being “worthy” of the Bitcoin name. That was a rather unpopular opinion, even if not completely unfounded.

Both BTC and BCH are struggling for the top right now. BTC, the “official” Bitcoin, is in the front of the race right now, but Bitcoin Cash is not irrelevant, either. BCH has been increasing its price a lot recently and might have some long-term good perspectives.

Vitalik Buterin and His Opinion About Bitcoin Cash

Some hours ago, Vitalik Buterin had some interesting opinions about Bitcoin Cash and its future. He claims that Bitcoin Cash can actually be a legitimate heir to the Bitcoin name. Bitcoin is facing difficulties and proper scaling has not been achieved yet so far, despite the community support that SegWit received last year. Companies often struggle to integrate this type of solution in their processes due to its complexity.

Vitalik Buterin affirmed, in his tweet that:

“1. I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name. I consider bitcoin's *failure* to raise block sizes to keep fees reasonable to be a large (non-consensual) change to the “original plan”, morally tantamount to a hard fork.

2. Theymos's censorship.”

Buterin also talks about Theymos and how censorship can be a huge problem for Bitcoin. There is much power concentrated in a single person and can be used to spread “false information”. Solving this issues can be very important in the near future.

Right now, almost no one would say that Bitcoin Cash is the “real” Bitcoin, given that this is still a minority's opinion. It's evident, though, that Bitcoin Cash has caused some issues already and it will be controversial for the time to come.

Two different kinds of Bitcoin can mean trouble, but we'll have to wait to know how this is going to be resolved.

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