Ethereum Funding Token Review

While the crypto market is now flooded with a wide array of alt-coins, it has become increasingly tougher to source out quality currencies that possess good future return value. With assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin touching new price highs in 2017, it can be smart for users to consider investing in digital assets such as Ethereum Funding Token (or EFT).

In its most basic sense, we can think of Ethereum Funding Token as the world’s first “collectible ethereum token”. It can essentially be obtained in lieu for sponsoring or donating to projects that will help people with personal hardships. The token is designed to serve as a sign of goodwill and support, and will be available for trade and exchange on the EtherDelta website.

Thus simply put, Ethereum Funding Token EFT allows us to help strangers in need, but in the process lets us earn a little money on the side.

Why Ethereum Funding Token?

Most charities (as well as other similar establishments) do not allow for contributions to be made in the form of cryptocurrencies. However, the EFT campaign not only allows for donations to be made via digital assets, but also gives currency holders a chance to trade and exchange their EFT’s for profit.

However, it should be clearly mentioned at this point that there are no guaranteed returns on the purchase of this token.

About the Foundation

As per information that can be sourced from the internet, The EFT campaign is 100% transparent and does not sell users any products, services etc. It is completely compliant with the regulations outlined by the SEC and has been designed to help people who are in need and require medical attention.

Some of the areas where the raised money will be used includes:

  • Treating people who suffer from conditions such as atrial fibrillation, lupus
  • Helping individuals suffering from a history of kidney failure and dialysis treatments.

To be more specific, we can see that the EFT money will be used to cover for things like prescription drug charges, precision healthcare strategies etc.

Additionally, according to EFT’s vision statement the goal is to have this currency become a “ collectible asset” and thus have its value multiply as time passes.

Ethereum Funding Token Details

All Ethereum Funding Tokens (EFT) are ERC 20 compliant and are available for sale in a limited supply. As per latest market data, the price of a single EFT currently stands at just under $0.20 USD.

It should also be remembered that in order to participate in the sale, users have to commit a minimum of 0.1 ETH (which works out to around 1,000 EFTs),

The token sale is scheduled to end on the 30th of June 2018, and in order to make a contribution, investors can use the following contract address: 0x21929a10fB3D093bbd1042626Be5bf34d401bAbc

The sale is currently in its 2nd round, and there is a bonus of up to 75% applicable on all purchases right now.

For any other details or queries regarding EFT, users can drop in a query on [email protected], or contact the project owner via Twitter.

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