Ethereum Pink

There are many different cryptocurrency options in the world today, which can make it difficult to find a project that is best for the investor. Most startups have relatively low rates, which makes it easy to get in on the investments but doesn’t have much profit until the company becomes more popular.

However, Ethereum Pink already has the support of a major platform in the crypto community to help it gain that support, though there is much more to the project than its name.

What Is Ethereum Pink?

Like most cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Pink is an entirely decentralized platform, and it has adopted the same structure as Ethereum. However, it is a combination between two different projects – XcentrieX and Quient. XcentrieX offers multiple ways to trade and use tokens, including an electronic wallet and physical cards that the user won’t have to pay any fees to use. Quient offers cloud storage that is free for consumers.

How Ethereum Pink XcentrieX Exchange & Quient Data Storage Works

On the platform, consumers will find a transparent blockchain that shows the course of ownership. The whole goal of this platform is to provide users with “an open, borderless financial and storage system,” and they do so by accepting the exchange of other tokens. Additionally, they plan to tokenize assets that the users want to integrate.

Ethereum Pink holds themselves to a high standard with their stability, considering their connection with the largest crypto asset in the financial world. The company’s blockchain easily adapts to the needs of the user, while bringing together a community that can invest globally and effortlessly.

The entire platform uses the XcentrieX website and smartphone app to do their exchanges, for which there is no fee. The program offers a digital wallet with a full range of functionalities, even letting the user order from their mobile wallet.

A portfolio shows any profits and losses, and a simple toggle button lets the user turn off their card to prevent theft. The non-crypto features include a one-touch fingerprint login, a day/night mode, and automatic backup of the user’s wallet.

Consumers can opt for a card to spend the tokens as well, with the option of a virtual debit card, a credit card, and a plastic debit card.

Ethereum Pink EPINK Token ICO Details

The only way to transact on the Ethereum Pink platform is to use their token – EPINK. The token will eventually be worth _____ when it is publicly traded, but there is a pre-sale starting on June 15th, which will give consumers the opportunity to purchase tokens with a discount. The exchange will start as being $1 to 1 ETH, while 1 ETH will be equivalent to 3,900 EPINK. Essentially, every dollar will be worth approximately $0.0002. However, as this platform gains popularity and investors, the value will rise.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • About Ethereum Pink coin On EPINK
  • Token Symbol: EPINK
  • Token Pre-Sale Starts: June 15th
  • Token Price:  1 ETH: 3,900 EPINK
  • Total Supply: 100 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 10.000 Ethereum
  • Hard Cap: 20.000 Ethereum

Consumers that join the whitelist on the website will receive a 5% bonus on their purchase. However, one of the features that makes them so rare is that they only have a maximum supply of 100,000,000, which is far less than their competitors.

Even though there are no fees for personal users and a very small subscription fee for businesses, consumers will find that the major restriction is the ability to use the tokens with limits. Much like a bank, Ethereum Pink restricts the user with limits for daily POS transactions and daily/monthly/yearly ATM withdrawals. While these amounts are about twice what a bank would allow, it still prevents the user from emptying their wallet on a whim.

Contacting Ethereum Pink

Even though there is plenty of information on the website and with the whitepaper, consumers may want to learn more information before they start investing. The company doesn’t provide a specific phone number or email address, but investors can visit the contact page at to fill out the form.

Ethereum Pink Conclusion

Ethereum Pink offers a low price to get in and doesn’t subject the users to high fees to access their own funds. However, this project may be best for consumers that don’t plan to be excessively active, based on the restrictions that the company puts on transactions. Ideally, this project may best suit the consumers that are just starting with the crypto community and want to get some experience before they take on a bigger opportunity.

Interested investors can join the whitelist by entering their information on the form at To see the whitepaper, consumers can click on the link on the website to be taken to a PDF form on Google Drive.

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