Ethereum Recovery Code

The users of Ethereum have finally dropped their silence for the facilitation of the funds lost on the Ethereum platform recently. I leu of Yoichi Hirai resigning from his position as one of the main developers of the Ethereum platform, many users have started to voice their opinions on some of the announcements made. The developer was responsible for supervising some major changes with the software.

But since he quit, members of the community have flooded the website GitHub in full rejection of the highly-controversial proposal for which he left his position. In the last week, hundreds of comments have spilled in on the blockchain network’s official Github site. And a majority of them have declared openly, they do not agree or support with Ethereum’s Improvement Proposal called EIP 867.

Many of them have made it very clear they are strongly opposed to the protocol entirely. It basically details a method that is set to standardize upgrades that will go across the entire system, designed to give funds back to those who’ve lost them on the platform.

Funds are often lost due to a fault code of some type. And the recovery of lost funds is a highly sensitive topic for any platform this happens on. For Ethereum, the problem of lost funds resulted in the creation of the rival cryptocurrency company – Ethereum Classic.

The emotional responses, of which many where in support of the developer, showed a clear difference of opinion to the silence the company held prior to the uproar. Some of them even stated bluntly that it is a “complete disgrace to the Ethereum community.”

Respected speakers like William Entriken have already made public warnings about the potential consequences when it comes to normalizing lost fund recovery. The proposal has been seen by many to be incredibly damaging to the entire platform. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks coming up before we know how the situation will ultimately be handled. Hopefully a new proposal can be made that will support the wishes of the users who’ve lost money.

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