Ethereum Slot Machine ICO (EST Token): eSlots Blockchain Mobile Game?

What Is Ethereum Slot Machine?

Ethereum Slot Machine is one of the first mobile games every created that operates all over the world ad simulates the way a slot machine works on the Ethereum Network.

How Ethereum Slot Machine eSlots Blockchain Mobile Game Works

The company has some major features and benefits. For one, there is no competition to be had whatsoever. And due to the fact, there was never a way to use a user-friendly gambling platform with cryptocurrency on mobile, and a gap appeared. ESlots was filled the gap and made it a new way to enjoy gaming online.

Right now, there is a working demo of the app and it is operated to demonstrate how effective the simple program is, and which products function in the Ropsten testnet. They are also making an offer a fund for replenishing coins that anyone can test on the app, that holds true if they aren’t even in possession of any Ropsten ETH.

The platform makes it easy as well because of every token get released, then passed around in a stable way depending on the tokens number. There are also weekly payouts that will be released on a regular basis, and it is dependent to the current pay term. It’s conducted automatically each and every week.

Ethereum Slot Machine EST Token ICO Details

The total number of tokens sold by the company as of now is 1,575,075 out of 45,000,000 and the first week of sales with a 30% bonus is about to end. And when you look at the unbelievable number of fraudulent ICOs on the market, and gambling spheres they have designed a production version of the app for the Android OS prior to coming to an initial coin offering. You can learn more about the company at the website, where a whitepaper report can be downloaded, as well as an application for getting started with the company and a crowdsale part where you can invest in the company.

You can discover some major benefits for the early investors of the platform when you go to the company website. For example, they offer a 30% bonus for anyone who invest right now.

Who Is Behind Ethereum Slot Machine?

There is a team of three people who are currently operating on the network who are the major members. Most of them have between 15-20 years of experience in the tech industry and gaming, IT or cryptocurrency. There are another ten or so members on the team as well, but they don’t really give them any bios or descriptions on the website.

Ethereum Slot Machine Conclusion

If you’re looking for a game that is here to help you make money online without ever having to deal with the credit card companies, operates strictly on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech and can be done from your mobile device – then Ethereum Slot Machine is likely the company you’ve been searching for. It’s one of the newest online gambling platforms you’ll ever see anywhere – and you can learn more at

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