Have you ever heard of the Buterin’s Law? The creators of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, has recently shared some thoughts about the “law” on his Twitter profile. According to him, any principle or law which a creator names after himself and promote it with his own name will not gain traction and it probably does not even deserve to.

People React To Buterin’s Statement

Buterin’s ironic statement has divided the internet. The CEO of CanYa, a decentralized global marketplace, JP Thor, has commented that while the comment was “interesting”, we had harberger taxes, keynesian economics and so on.

The professor Matthias Klaes, from Nigel Vinson Chair of Political Economy from the University of Buckingham, replied that if you come up with a radical idea, you will probably have it named after you no matter how much you protest.

The founder and CTO of Silverback, Damian Sowers, has also sarcastically commented that the “Damian Index”, which describes any animal of the earth using the formula: Ranking = Bravery / Pounds is a glaring exception of the law.

Jack Du Rose, which is the co-founder of Colony Networks, has reminded Buterin that Stigler’s law of eponymy states that no scientific discovery is named after its discovery, as even his Stigler’s law was actually discovered by someone else, Robert K. Merton.

However, many Twitter users actually liked the law a lot.

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